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  1. #1 $1299 Seiki UHDTV 50" SE50UY04 - Bought it today 
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    Our company bought one of these today.

    $1299 Seiki UHDTV 50" SE50UY04

    In store and stock at TigerDirect


    4 year warranty only $169.99

    If it works, Red should ship one with every camera body...

    Let's hope it works...

    Will post feedback as time allows...

    Update 1: 4K and higher res Medium Format Photos look very good on the panel, as well as HD sources. Looks like a good inexpensive option for a UHDTV Computer Monitor. It is a basic panel, has inexpensive audio, two USB ports support playback of music and photos (Sorry, no video via USB). It has a scaler to fit height or width, and appears to give you back what you feed it... Garbage in/garbage out, etc.

    BIGGEST PERK: IT'S PORTABLE!! Yes, it's slim and light enough for 1 person to move around. So far, it is an absolute steal at $1299 for April 2013 (the only other alternatives to buy today are over $10,000) ...

    You need to feed it an UHDTV signal over HDMI to get "4K" display of video. We have not had a chance to calibrate it yet, but it does look like a typical TFT LED display, however with 4K resolution. Moving onto video display at UHDTV resolution next rounds...

    UPDATE 2: Running computer desktop at 3840x2160 at 30p, no complaints so far. If anybody has a RedRay player and picks up this set, let us know the maximum refresh rates you are able to get and I'll update this post. I recommend also putting the audio setting at Music and Surround to get better sound as a starting point. I also highly recommend an extended warranty, as with any new tech like this as it's really worth the extra protection for so little added cost. So far, we have the best bargain of the year with this $1299 panel.

    UPDATE 3: What's better than UltraHD? Same UltraHD picture, lower price! is now unbelievably offering this set with online coupon code for $1199.99 if you search around online... enjoy!

    UPDATE 4: Other reviews coming in

    Update 5: Though not a 3D set, 3D content does display on the set as 1920 x 2205 at 24p , currently using in-house LG BluRay 3D player. You can clearly see the horizontal edges of the content with extra room on both sides. Warner Bros. needs to re-release the Hobbit on a 48fps HFR Blu Ray disc ASAP ...

    UPDATE 6: Just a quick cropped pic from a snapshot we took today of a set of five black 1 pixel line height lines from a 3840x2160 file, as many people wanted to see if the set resolves down to 1 pixel in detail.

    You can certainly see the details at 1 pixel on this set from a 3840 x 2160 file.

    UPDATE 7:

    Some reviewers may not initially explain the difference between buying simple UPSCALING vs ADVANCED CONVERSION /LINE DOUBLING / QUADRUPLING technology,
    BUT don't pay for it TWICE!

    If you have a chance to review this set, please spend time with it and understand how it simply UPSCALES lesser images and video footage, NO ADVANCED CONVERSION going on here and you aren't paying for it either...

    On the other hand, when it comes to buying into Advanced conversion and upscalers, Line Doublers, Quadruplers, etc you get what you pay for, but certainly DON'T PAY FOR IT TWICE!

    Comparing Advanced Conversion technology is an entirely different debate and should not reflect negatively on the set's review, as it doesn't bundle it in for big markup, nor would you want to when you think about your money long-term.

    I think few people WANT to pay THOUSANDS extra for a built-in 1080p/720p upconverter with late 2012 technology, which is what LG and Sony will certainly try to PUSH along with some higher refresh rates like converting 24 HZ to 120 HZ or 240Hz,
    3D conversion, etc destroying the original artistic intent in the source.
    Also, how many 4K movies are currently RELEASED at 60p or above?
    Today, none...

    Pioneer, Onkyo, Yamaha, LG and Sony receivers and Blu-Ray players and eventually 4K streamers will all do different jobs of advanced conversion, line doubling, quadrupling, etc and that's
    where this set leaves that for those companies to do the fighting...
    PLUS you don't ever want to pay for it TWICE, as you'll have to shut one OFF anyway!

    I know there will be at least a year or two where people will be TRICKED into paying for Advanced conversion/Line Doubling/Quadrupling built into TV sets, only having to shut it off at a later date as the Advanced conversion technology improves annually at the playback SOURCE...

    Just my quick thoughts and hopes to clarify some confusion that may ensue, being pushed by Big Box stores onto unsuspecting consumers...

    UPDATE 8: 1 WEEK Update- Was it worth it?

    From our perspective, not knowing who Seiki was 2 weeks ago and thinking 4K panels had to be $5K - $15K,
    we are happy we made the leap in being an early-adopter. It's the same impact on your eyes as going from an iPad 2 to retina iPad,
    once you go 4K you don't want to go back to older displays and cameras.

    So, was it worth $1299... a resounding YES.
    What do we hope for now?
    Simple... Higher resolution cameras and a RedRay player... Hint, Hint... ;-)

    We'll update our first post with some of your feedback next week.

    Long-term Update 10-21-2013 (yes, it's still working...)

    This monitor was the first broadly available inexpensive consumer UHD 50" monitor in the US back in April 2013. For the price, there was no peer then and really still isn't one broadly available one in the US even now in October 2013 for under $1000.

    If you want to spend US $3500 - $5500, there are certainly better options today from 32" to 55" and in January more announcements coming shortly from manufacturers that support HDMI 2.0.

    That being said, this set is not a reference monitor and is only as good as the signal it receives, so avoid using the internal HD upscale if at all possible. A lot of people have issues with the way it converts 24p or whatever framerate to 30p introducing judder, but some others don't complain or care. Also, a lot of people complain about it not being 4K at 60fps, but HDMI 2.0 wasn't out at the time and we still have no idea if it will properly decode HDMI 2.0 signals at 30fps or less as Seiki has been tight lipped about the possibility of a firmware upgrade. Then again, a good quality home theater receiver with HDMI 2.0 may likely handle those issues for you anyway in the future. This is one of the cases where if Seiki would be more cooperative, we could find out exactly what's going on, and if there's a way to fix or eliminate it from firmware or via external equipment...

    If you plan using it at 3840x2160 at 30p today, it's still the best buy out there for under $1000 US
    if you need something right now. If you have a budget in the $3000 price range and have some time, I'd advise you to hold off 3 months for the next round of announcements at CES 2014 and 6-7 months to buy...

    Long-term Update 2 / 10-25-2013
    HDMI 2.0 models coming Spring 2014

    Seiki Digital Like most brands, Seiki is working on introducing HDMI 2.0 models as soon as possible. You can expect models to be available around 2nd quarter next year, if not sooner.
    14 hours ago

    Seiki established new MSRP for product lines on, and Amazon right now has on Sale
    the 50" SE50UY04 for $625.37 with free shipping...

    Seiki must be attempting to going after every Mac Pro buyer with this price point, in Apple's absence.

    I am simply stunned at the value/price point.

    Though I highly recommend waiting until new HDMI 2.0 models release
    next spring for compatibility purposes (apply same logic to new Apple product releases as well),
    if you need a UHD set today under $1000 it still has
    some usefulness at 2160p 30fps with existing HDMI 1.4 interfaces and devices...

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    If RED wants to volunteer sending a REDRAY player, we know several Red Owners willing to accept locally at the User Group
    in Chicagoland currently- they have tons of 5K and 4K content and they'd happily post the results...

    Can anybody at Red make that happen for everyone's benefit here?

    Update 4/20/2013: This set is confirmed compatible with REDRAY's single HDMI output- good news for early adopters... Jarred gives first impressions

    Update 1/5/2014:

    4 REDRAY players... looks like Seiki and Red are possibly cooking up something pretty good up, possibly in 8K UHD...

    From Facebook December 30th:
    "We're sort of into 4K. Check out our assortment of REDRAY 4K players in our testing room. What you see on screen is just beautiful..."

    From the 4K UHD Q&A FAQ page:

    "Q: Will 4K UHD become the dominant format? Will 8K be close behind?
    A: At Seiki, we believe so. We also think 8K is not too far away, and when there is interest from consumers to experience the next level in Ultra HD entertainment, Seiki will be ready to provide the TVs."
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    reserved for future results...

    Prometheus has landed... so has the 4K Seiki

    testing with 1080p source first...

    (Image from Prometheus 2012 (C) 20th Century Fox /
    Kudos to Ridley Scott & Dariusz Wolski, Entire Team for Gorgeous looking Film)

    Updates on 4K and 3D relocated to first post. CES 2014: Seiki Pro line revealed for CES 2014, but I have no idea what exactly that entails from the preliminary spec sheets other than finish... they really need to say more than Gen 2 to win people over as the court is now flooded with plenty of other options for 2014... "second generation Seiki Pro 4K Ultra HD models are highlighted with an ultra-thin bezel design accented with black and titanium finishes, and upgraded electronics with improved 4K performance. Screen sizes start from impressive 55" class to the stunning 85" class models."
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    Subscribed. Looking forward to your feedback.
    Twitter: @hybridvigorfilm

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    Any european vendors selling this?
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    I have a question. How are we supposed to get any type of signal into that thing? Is it required that we need an RED ray? to my knowledge the cameras don't output 4k signal directly through HDMI do they?
    Samir Patel

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    I ordered one as well, worth the gamble.
    Heck, I'm in Vegas at the moment.
    -Les Dittert
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Bellari View Post
    Our company bought one of these today.

    $1299 Seiki UHDTV 50" SE50UY04

    In store and stock at Tigerdirect


    4 year warranty only $169.99

    If i works, Red should ship one with every camera body...

    Let's hope it works...

    Will post feedback as time allows...
    Can you tell us why at the company's website, it says that is 1080p??
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    From first glance it almost seems like it just takes 1080 and upscales. Is this correct?
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