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  1. Cooke 9-50mm T2.5
  2. Welcome
  3. Compact 1080p EFP cam
  4. RED LCD for other cameras
  5. What types of EFP/ENG will you do?
  6. Lenses?
  7. Can we ENG at 480?
  8. Tridods?
  9. RED Cine. in ENG?
  10. B4 mount lenses would need correction?
  11. EFP & ENG Definitions and Explanations
  12. Shoulder tripod shoulder tripod shoulder tripod etc etc etc.
  13. B4 lens options
  14. RED triples income! More customers, more sales.
  15. O'Connor 2060 Kit -US Agents
  16. Cinema Lens Servo?
  17. That 60i look?!
  18. The little filter dial....OR
  19. EFP back up preferences?
  20. RED Flypack?!?
  21. 2/3 HD lens for single CMOS
  22. EFP/ENG PL mount 35mm motorized zoom lenses
  23. Dalsa goes wide with 4K
  24. ISO rating
  25. ActionCam and Red
  26. red and mulitcam switching
  27. ENG/EFP Package
  28. What about docs?
  29. Abolish this Forum Thread?
  31. Weather Proof Red!
  32. O'connor 1030HDS (Studio)
  33. Matte boxes and FF
  34. Automatic controls
  35. Ok, so here's my setup, what do you think Gibby?
  36. Audio spikes on a Varicam
  37. DC Power Output
  38. Hey Nikon Mounters...
  39. Pdaudio, Wireless monitoring and Sync-software
  40. For those looking for a good tripod...
  41. Stock Footage Question for Gibby
  42. LCD recommendation
  43. Are any of the major news or Broadcast Production facilities looking at the RED
  44. Solid State DTE and RED
  45. Eng?
  46. Steadicam
  47. Tips on Negotiating a Broadcast Deal
  48. Thoughts on OConnor 35 L quick deployment CF tripod
  49. Newsworthy shot but no REDCINE...
  50. Equipment discussions?
  51. EFP Scenario
  52. Using ND filters for EFP
  53. Using ND filters for EFP
  54. Headphones
  55. My JVC HD250 with 35mm or a Red camera... ?
  56. Changing PL mount to B4
  57. 2k shooting w/ super16 glass, anyone done it?
  58. Quick release plate for Red?
  59. viewfinder position.
  60. B4 to PL mount
  61. Curious about adding a new feature to CF Module...
  62. The Efp Market
  63. snow/desert shooting
  64. OConnor 35L vs Sachtler Speed Lock CF HD?
  65. DvRigPro for Red
  66. B4 HD 2/3 lens test
  67. Pushing the EFP envelope...
  68. Lighting for EFP (web resource)
  69. Fujinon group purchase
  70. Shotgun mike mount
  71. Wireless Mic's
  72. Investment in RED compare to other Camera systems
  73. Red connectors for ENG lens
  74. Has anyone tried the SLIK DAIWA 15 Fluid Head?
  75. B4 Red zoom/power handle?
  76. Long Lens EFP Wildlife shooting... best lens for RED?
  77. Anton/Bauer Gold Mount bracket
  78. Slightly OT, but relates to EFP
  79. Batteries...Who said Lithium Ion is safe?
  80. Red and P2 cards
  81. Converting signal to SD?
  82. Picture of rear of RED camera?
  83. Most widely use camera
  84. Red Handheld
  85. Du-All Camera's Handheld Configuration for Red One
  86. EFP and Field Audio?
  87. Can I make a broadcast wildlife doc with Red?
  88. True Resolution of Mysterium difficult to determine.
  89. Location Back Up - Doco. Small Crew
  90. Backup in the field
  91. Addonics Snap in 2.5" SATA enclosure
  92. Red Batts on SDX900??
  93. Eng And Backups
  94. Thinking about the Red for an Outdoor/Lifestyle show
  95. Hardlined EFP
  96. Anyone put a light on you're Cam??
  97. Anyone put a light on their Cam??
  98. Quicktime reference Movies for Web work
  99. Red one and wildlife cinematography thread?
  100. Broadcast?
  101. How to keep Red operating at -40C
  102. Legs for quick setup
  103. Satchler Head Question
  104. Red as HD Player
  105. Combat/Reality Frame Rate
  106. Green Or Blue Screen
  107. Longer form docos and red workflow
  108. New audio and i/pins!
  109. RED and welding flash
  110. B4 Mount and HD Lenses
  111. Lens dilemma - which way would you go for documentary work?
  112. .R3D naming system
  113. Connecting EXT Timecode
  114. 744T and Red One FW 17
  115. Changing from B4 to Cine to Nikon
  116. If i have to choose... RED-EVF or LCD ?
  117. Perfect EFP/ENG lens
  118. HD-SDI transmission distance question
  119. Sports footage
  120. ENG & TV work
  121. Scarlet/Epic EFP Setup
  122. Finally a great mic for wildlife shooting
  123. Run & Gun with RED1 at 4K
  124. EFP Setup for Scarlet using HD-SDI
  125. Anyone Shooting with Fujinon lens?
  126. Red charger and 12v wilderness power
  127. LED light on RED
  128. RED in the air: methods for using RED in helicopters?
  129. Red i Kabul - 1st Pics
  130. Helicopter mount - who makes them
  131. Portable Battery Charger???
  132. Red one and problems with wobble effect
  133. Going to buy a Red this summer...
  134. Transvideo Titan with signal from RED?
  135. Wildlife feature in Africa - 3K, and other questions
  136. telephoto field lens
  137. Nature Filmmaking
  138. RED Scarlet for ENG work?
  139. Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival
  140. Gyro for boat
  141. shooting at night using astroscope
  142. Producers and editors?????
  143. Need to rent a B4 to PL adapter
  144. b4 to pL mount
  145. The H.264 module a dream product for ENG?
  146. I can haz ENG?
  147. Red primes on Varicam2700
  148. RED for live broadcast issue
  149. Red MultiCam live Mixing for Cinemas
  150. SDI wireless - 500m Omni range
  151. Event Videography Tips for RED One
  152. Red zooms on B4 to PL to varicam
  153. Possible to power servo of B4 lens from Red body?
  154. RED Scarlet in Live Production environment
  155. Handheld work and Scarlet Fixed
  156. Get Real...
  157. Fujinon EFP/ENG lens with Epic?
  158. Steadicam Pro Vid 2 Plus
  159. screw-on ND filters for red primes
  160. hdsdi over triax
  161. Shoot with the Epic on Israel - Nov 10 - Nov 22
  162. Epic + Canon + (Which Filters)
  163. ENG does not belonge here
  164. Need Help - Canon Lenses in Studio Config
  165. Thoughts and feedback for these three tripod+fluid head combinations
  166. Red Epic & Red One above the Arctic Circle
  167. Epic Sachtler Fluid Head Recommendation
  168. REDmote Station?
  169. Not strictly RED but could be and really need help. Remote Broadcast
  170. Audio Clicks
  171. B4 Mount on Epic
  172. Sennheiser vs. Lectrosonics vs. Shure for wireless lav on Epic and Scarlet.
  173. Monitors, Monitors, Monitors...
  174. Really, really, really isolated project, what would you take / suggest.
  175. Matte Box homemade Donut ? Where ? Or ...
  176. The Isolation Thread
  177. Sky Sports filmed Arsenal @ the Emirate in 4K
  178. Archival Work
  179. Epic or Scarelt
  180. Red Brick vs. Red Volt
  181. Wimbledon to be shot in 4K
  182. Zoom Motor using a Lanc Controller....
  183. 4K OB Truck to film the Confederations Cup in Brazil
  184. Japanese company tests 4K internet streaming
  185. A suitable redcode level or other memory saving solution for tv-production.
  186. Highly mobile EFP/ENG camera system
  187. What is the best auto focus for shooting sports on a Scarlet?
  188. DPP compliacace for 4K
  190. Go pro 4k 15 fps footage : how does it look onced converted into 24/25 fps ?
  191. Mafrotto 509 or Sachtler DV 10 SB
  192. World's smallest 4K OB van....!!
  193. Airport Security & REDMAG's
  194. Epic, dragon, efp/eng.. please adress the need for a more sensitive 5k sensor !
  195. Anyone with experience on getting cameras in Kolkata India?
  196. Low cost HDSDI to FIREWIRE?
  197. Abakus 132 Converter Lens - B4 Lens to Super 16mm PL Mount - Wanted
  198. How to determine footage price for Broadcast
  199. BBC shooting the Commonwealth Games on RED
  200. New Sony ENG Lens: 4K, autofocus, stabilized, zoom control
  201. Camera Operator with RED package for ENG shoot in LA
  202. Westcott Ice Light versus newcomer Genaray SpectroLED SP-LR Light
  203. What's the current RED camera on "ENG" style rig option?
  204. Broadcast TCP/IP Streaming Discussion
  205. REDCAST for Weapon...
  206. Sachtler 0705 FSB-8T Fluid Head
  207. Help with battery solution needed for dtap
  208. Sachtler Tripod Plate is too small, how to fix it?
  209. Underexposed Dark Images coming out of my Red One MX. Any Ideas for this red newbee?
  210. Saw this and asked myself what would Steve Gibby think of it
  211. Canon 18-80 Red Team and Foolcontrol request
  212. Goalzero
  213. Using RED for live events
  214. Epic-W ENG / ENP style rig suggestions
  215. Recommendations: 4k S35mm ENG Lens
  216. Best 3 Light LED Kit?
  217. Len with Servo search
  218. Live 8K output? Quad 12G??
  219. Skaarhoj for the Red cameras
  220. Fluid Head Recommendation