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  1. Los Angeles Red Users group
  2. RED in Texas
  3. Colorado RED?
  4. Nor Cal / Silicon Valley RED users group.
  5. RED in Arizona
  6. Anyone plan on using RED for the San Fernando Valley Hustle?
  7. RED in RAin City? Seattle WA USA?
  8. Red in Seattle?
  9. RED USERS in Ohio?
  10. Utah
  11. RED In Fresno
  12. Red In Vegas Anyone?
  13. Boise, ID? Or maybe just Idaho in general?
  14. Ketch doing a big test shoot near LA
  15. Dakota Red Users?
  16. SAN DIEGO Red Collective
  17. REDshare Austin ! -- looking for Red owners in central TX
  18. High Sierra RED Users Group (Sacramento to Reno)
  19. La User Group Breakfast
  20. Looking for the red owner for collabration
  21. FF5 to test in Orange County
  22. Austin RED presentation Dec. 4th.... who's going?
  23. Portland, Oregon?
  24. Colorado has turned RED (twice)
  25. San Francisco Bay Area Red Users
  26. looking for collabration
  27. Seeking RED DP/Collaborator In Los Angeles
  28. Can anyone in L.A make some cables this week?
  29. Good lens technician in / around Denver, CO?
  30. RED Post House?
  31. RED tomorrow in LA for Lunch
  32. The Elephant in the Room
  33. Seeking Red Tech, Seattle WA
  34. Colorado REDs, sound off!
  35. SoCal RED Users. Who has this System Down?
  36. Red Owner in Sonoma
  37. Northern Cal Chapter of Digital Cinema Society - RED meeting this Saturday!!
  38. I need a LENS SoCAL can anyone rent me a lens today?
  39. RED L.A. User Group Meeting 03/15
  40. RED Hawai'i
  41. a fellow reduser needs a little help
  42. LA User Group May meeting
  43. Searching for RED user nearby
  44. Looking For Redone With Dop For Rent Or Collabration.
  45. 363 Going to Napa
  46. S.F. Bay Area RED owners: Guest Lecturer needed
  47. Change Batteries with out powering down
  48. LA User Group May meeting ANNOUNCEMENT
  49. Red LAUG (Los Angeles User Group)
  50. Accessory Makers
  51. La User Group World Wide Stream
  52. June Meeting
  53. Houston backup body
  54. Red #939
  55. L.A. User Group Meeting, June 14th
  56. LAPPG Meeting (Los Angeles Post production Group)
  57. Who do you want to see at RED L.A. User Group
  58. Seattle Reds Unite!
  59. CALLING ALL L.A. Owners
  60. L.A. User Group Meeting, July 26th
  61. Any ActionCam owners in L.A.?
  62. Digital Cinema Society meeting - Cam Accessories
  63. RED L.A. User Group Survives the Eqarthquake
  64. Red Users in San Diego, Calif.
  65. Digital Cinema Society Meetings of Interest To REDusers
  66. DCS Camera Accessory Event at Plaster City
  67. Video of Ted at L.A. User Group
  68. RED module added to Sacramento Final Cut Pro training
  69. RED Workflow at Apple Store in AZ
  70. Production company in L.A. using RED
  71. RED L.A. User Group Meeting, September 6th
  72. Help
  73. FREE RED & AVID Event - San Diego
  74. Wanting to see RED in Oregon
  75. Shooter/ AV needed TODAY for Battle of the Year Hip Hop Breakdancing Event at Avalon
  76. RED L.A. User Group Meeting, October 6th
  77. Alternatives to OneStopRed.com?
  78. RED L.A. User Group Meeting, October 4th (CORRECTED DATE)
  79. RED L.A. User Group Meeting, November 6th
  80. Por Que 4K? Join DCS to Explore 4K at DV EXPO
  81. Santa Cruz REDuser's Group
  82. Searching for a rental-house in LA
  83. Colorado - 4K Challenge
  84. San Francisco - 4k Challenge
  85. Help needed for interview w/ Pres. of DC Comics
  86. Break In Your New Camera
  87. L.A. User Group, January 10th
  88. Different Aspects and Data Rates after Pro Res transfer. WHY?
  89. Utah Reduser Group Gathering!
  90. L.A. User Group, February 7th
  91. Cameras available for rental in the SF Bay Area
  92. Denver screening of Che at the Mayan
  93. Red One Rental
  94. HD and SD Tape Outputs for RED users!!!
  95. LAPPG Meeting this Wednesday!!!
  96. Red Boot Camp - Red Camera training sessions
  97. L.A. User Group, March 28th
  98. LTO verfication service in LA??
  99. Super meet nab
  100. RED L.A. User Group, May 16, 2009
  101. Seattle Meeting
  102. Help...Need R1 & gear for up-coming shoot this week
  103. Red Rental in S.F. Bay Area
  104. R3D Tribe
  105. need some gear for a shoot in Seattle this week
  106. OT: Adobe Premiere Pro 4.1 /RED workflow at lafcpug, June 17
  107. Need a Seattle Editor
  108. Looking for a Red Teacher In Vegas!
  109. Want to rent RED ONE package
  110. Need to shoot in Astoria, OR area in the nearish future...
  111. need a few bits and pieces for film july 17 - 27th
  112. Affordable PL mount Anamorphics for hire in the Northwest
  113. RED L.A. User Group 08/01/09
  114. RED accessories and PL glass for sale on Ebay
  115. Cam/shooter package backup needed-
  116. Looking for a RED and DP in L.A, shooting dates: 07/30 and 07/31
  117. Now hiring
  118. Available for Hire: Wireless HD Monitoring Set Up
  119. Central Texas Red Users gathering
  120. Birger Canon Mount
  121. Looking for beauty shot.
  122. DCS RED Rocket™ Event in L.A.
  123. Red Owner Needed To Shoot Quality Short
  124. NEED 16 GB cards for Sept 18 to 20th shoot
  125. Japanese producer visiting LA - looking for meetings
  126. Red camera stolen
  127. Las Vegas Fangoria event
  128. Red & RPPs Available in Nor CA
  129. Any Southern Oregon owners?
  130. RPP now available in San Francisco area
  131. Los Angeles sound editing for RED Feature
  132. RED Cameras in our High Schools and Elementary Schools.
  133. LTO Rental in Los Angeles?
  134. Arizona 4 2 Wks, anyone to meet?
  135. Searching for a SOUND (wo)MAN in L.A.
  136. Anyone With a "Side Handle"?
  137. California 6.25% Tax Break
  138. Local Hero Event - LA, Dec. 10
  139. RED L.A. User Group Breakfast Meet 12/12/09
  140. San Diego RED shoot - CREW MEMBERS NEEDED
  141. 30 day feature film challenge
  142. Low budget Indie: dp w/ red one needed: southern california
  143. Colorist Needed - RED short narrative (to be projected in actual 4k)
  144. Best LA Stomping Grounds
  145. January South San Francisco Bay Get Together
  146. RED in LA
  147. battery plate in reno, nv?
  148. Lomo anamorphics in LA for half a day
  149. Cinematographer Needed for Feature Film.
  150. Transit from Leke Forrest to hollywood for RED DAY?
  151. M-X Rental in PORTLAND
  152. Coming to LA, need to rent lights/Don't want to be a Douchebag.
  153. Free AC or PA for the day.
  154. Pizza & Post with Scott Carrey, Digital Media & Technology Specialist
  155. Full Time Camera Operator/Videographer - Temecula, CA
  156. RED Rocket DIT in San Francisco
  157. RED Mx/Advice Needed for Heli Shoot LA
  158. Red MX 363 + Red Rocket + T1.4 Primes in California
  159. DIT Training-Los Angeles
  160. Free PA or 2nd AC for the day
  161. M-x red - portland oregon
  162. Need to Rent BNCR mount for Red in LA
  163. DIT/2nd AC for SF Indie Film 4/28-5/2
  164. Where to post looking for dp for a music video?
  165. Rocket in Portland, OR
  166. Inland Empire Red Users
  167. MX'd RED available in LA from May 20
  168. RED L.A. User Group Breakfast Meet 5/22/10
  169. Red MX available in SF
  170. Any REDs in Alaska?
  171. RED MX + RPP's and RED Rocket Studio in LA
  172. Las Vegas RED Owners!!
  173. Need a videographer for Seattle event. Anyone?
  174. Need to rent a RED MX body for next Wednesday
  175. Unofficial RED Workshop Event San Francisco
  176. Script Sup needs RED advice.
  177. Public Screening in San Diego - 4k projection, Shot on RED
  178. looking for red operator
  179. Yippee! M-X in San Francisco...
  180. Reducation workshop feedback please
  181. Any REDs for rent in Seattle August 10th?
  182. RED L.A. User Group Breakfast Meet 08/07/10
  183. Red Night at lafcpug, Aug 25, 2010
  184. Need MX package with OP in Palm Desert August 23rd
  185. Looking for REDs for consingment rentals.
  186. Looking to rent - Montana/Seattle
  187. RED ROCKET DIT station available
  188. Feature Film Editor Available for cutting reels and more
  189. Camera Assistant
  190. O.C. Red User Group
  191. Stuck in RAW
  192. Looking to rent a red rocket
  193. Need an Ex-1 on thursday in Albequerque
  194. Looking for a b4 to PL adapter
  195. RED L.A. User Group Breakfast Meet 10/16/10
  196. Urgent lost red
  197. Shooter Needed, Scottsdale Arizona. Nov 11, 2010
  198. I want a RED CAM- NEED Help!! Many Questions!
  199. Red-RAM needed Las Vegas
  200. Looking to rent an MX, Dec 3-5, LA
  201. Red-RAM needed in LA Nov 30th/Dec 1st
  202. Does ANYONE have Red-RAM
  203. Free AC or PA
  204. Any San Diego area owner/operators?
  205. I need 10 16GB CFs in Hawaii or Red Rams
  206. Anyone willing to help us out?
  207. RED - Boise - Portland
  208. Any used Reds for sale in LA?
  209. Any REDusers in Seattle want to grab a coffee...?
  210. Where to Live in LA? (Freelancer)
  211. desperately looking for a BOMB EVF
  212. looking for 95MM CLIP-ON MATTEBOX for shoot tomorrow am!
  213. Resource listing in Colorado
  214. shifting base to hollywood
  215. Visiting SF, LA and Las Vegas 9th to 25th April - any/all info appreciated!
  217. RED Los Angeles User Group meeting, June 11th 2011
  218. Hollywood/ Los Angeles
  219. New Epic-M in West LA
  220. INNER EARTH caving documentary SAN DIEGO
  221. Coming Soon: Downtown Independent .r3d Monthly Open Screen Night
  222. DCS Events of Interest to REDusers
  223. Reno/ Tahoe Red Owners
  224. Red owners in or around Pomona California
  225. Looking for a DP with a RED camera in Northern California
  226. HUMBOLDT COUNTY, California ??
  227. LA Group Meet / 4K Portrait Project
  228. Where to look in LA for Camera Assisting gigs.
  229. Is there an active Red User Group in the Bay Area ?
  230. Need to rent DSMC Side Handle March 1st Thru March 30th
  231. Epic Owners near NEVADA CITY, CA?
  233. Underwater Housing - Los Angeles
  234. Northern CA Redusers - what insurance do you have for your gear?
  235. Boise ID and around
  236. Golden Gate 3D - Bay Area Stereoscopic 3D Creative & Production Company
  237. Any EPIC owner/ user in PRESCOTT or PHOENIX, AZ?
  238. Red Owner in Los Angeles Area - this weekend?
  239. Sound Devices PIX event at Abel Cinetech LA 10/3
  240. Ted Schilowitz Comes to San Francisco RED Users Group
  241. L.A. users
  242. RED EPIC Camera assistant Half Moon Bay Area for Friday the 9th of Nov
  243. LA - Need to rent SSD cards this Thursday
  244. Idaho Reduser meetup?
  245. New Jersey
  246. PL mount for Scarlet for Saturday...
  247. Epic monochrome avail?
  248. RED Los Angeles User Group and Kappa Studios Holiday Mixer
  249. Film Makers in LA: Please Read. Looking to work with Los Angeles area people
  250. Production Companies