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  1. Red Mysterious SKULL
  3. RED WEAPON - Info and Data Sheets
  4. RED Weapon - How Long Before MF Glass goes nuts...
  5. WEAPON Dragon is really Evolution or What?
  6. Jim is ALIVE!!!
  7. Picture of a Weapon
  8. Weapon wish
  9. Are the swappable OLPF modules useable in the new upgrade?
  10. Point of weapon? Full Frame?
  11. One Scarlet owners upgrade dilemma
  12. Weapon = FPGA???
  13. Weapon: Swappable Sensor?
  14. We have time before WEAPON arrives
  15. Discount? (If Red Dragon owner - Previous to NAB)
  16. How about a mount similar to the meatiness speedster that allows MF lenses on the W?
  17. Pro Res?
  19. What would be enough?
  20. 65mm? The plot gets even THICKER?
  21. Accessories that WILL WORK and those that are DOA
  22. MINI XLR on the Weapon
  23. red rocket x with weapon?
  24. FrameThrower-Jarred Land Post
  25. Cathodoluminescence Tomography
  26. Weapon announced details? How? When?
  28. Weapon 6K Specs (FPS, Compression, Low Light, DR, etc)?
  29. Monochrome Dragon to Weapon Upgrade Path
  31. Weapon - improving information in the store
  32. Weapon Power
  33. Accessories - Epic Dragon -> Weapon Dragon
  34. Epic VS Weapon: Same Settings, Better Picture?
  35. Weapon Aluminium - Poll
  36. Anyone seen a Frame Thrower?
  37. VV 8k : BAYER? Maths Question
  38. Weapon Lenses
  39. I'd like to chime in, if I may...
  40. Weapon 7" touch vs EPIC 7" touch
  41. Weight questions and Mini mag module trade in ?
  44. Weapon Sensor.
  45. Is a 'simple' 4:3 sensor possible?
  46. Idea Regarding Mini-mag Trade-in Program
  47. Why implementing 4k Prores will prove Jim's point.
  48. Thin Battery Module?
  50. WEAPON Information Summary and Pricing FAQs
  51. Weapon MG
  52. Weapon and Remote
  53. Should RED be using an Adobe CC Upgrade Model?
  54. Weapon CF vs MG 3D LUT Differences
  55. Built-In ND's - Why doesn't Weapon have them?
  56. ET Weapon Side Handle Feedback
  57. Weapon 6k & 8K anamorphic?
  58. ProRes and Weapon
  59. Lens Mount - Returned with Weapon CF
  60. $101,800.00 for basic 8K package
  61. Battle of the sensors - NAB
  62. change to module?? in the CF Upgrade Package
  63. 8K Sensor Specs, Upgrade
  65. Weapon upgrade...now I get it
  66. Best article I've seen on Weapon Yet
  67. Are there any Weapon r3d's?
  68. How long will the $5K Accessories Credit last for? Definitive answer?
  69. RONIN-M or HELIX-JNR ?
  70. Weapon 8K Q&A with Definition Magazine
  71. EVF
  72. does my Quickplate Pack V-Mount fit on my preorderd CF weapon?
  73. Weapon SDI out monitoring latency?
  74. Image scaling in weapon?
  75. Weapon 8K handheld question
  76. IMAX /IMAX 3D
  77. My three wishes for the Weapon Lens Fairy
  78. DNxHD
  79. Can the Weapon lens mount power the Fujinon Cabrio lens?
  80. IB/E Optics S35xFF - Super 35 to Full Frame Converter
  81. Did you benefit from extended sign-up for 8k?
  82. Who bought which Weapon upgrade?
  83. Weapon invades Hawaiian Islands for shoot with Crash and Dino
  84. 3rd Party Redvolts?
  85. The Window Effect - Immersive Viewing
  86. Red Start/Stop Protocol
  87. New TB Mag Reader Please
  88. 8K Post - The Reality
  89. Variable ND, Motion Mount
  90. When will new Weapon (magnesium) orders be filled?
  91. Weapon Recording Times and Nikon Question
  92. 6k Mag Weapon vs. 6k Epic Dragon
  93. Cine Gear - Weapon 8k Preview
  94. Question About Dragon Price Vs Weapon Price
  95. A piece of thought.......................
  96. The 8K lens dillema..
  97. 8K Sensor - Looking Beyond "Peak" Resolution...
  98. Red Weapon Short Film & Review coming this week
  99. So the question on my mind about weapon 8K is...
  100. What are the dimensions of weapon?
  101. VERY HELPFUL Photo LENS COMPARISON TOOL for your future full frame lens purchases
  102. Hawk65
  103. 6 x 4.5 or 6 x7 lens for Weapon 8k?
  104. MF Still Glass finding new purpose... :)
  105. Weapon and rocket x, do we need it with prores?
  106. Eminem "Phenomenal" Music Video Teaser - Shot on Weapons and Master Anamorphics
  107. It's official...
  108. Weapon Production starting?
  109. Weaponize or Nothing?
  110. Artemis Has Something To Say About 8K...
  111. Is there a benefit shooting 8K Weapon for TVC's?
  112. Master Primes & 8K
  113. Motion Mounts large enough for 8K?
  114. Integrated Lens Control System
  115. Roger Deakins shoots Blade Runner Sequel on Weapon 8K?
  116. All quiet on the (RED)western front ...
  117. New Order Fulfillment?
  118. Forged Carbon Weapon
  119. Mechanical Shutter module
  120. Forged Weapon.. hands up and first impressions when you've got one!
  121. Playing with the Forged Carbon Fiber Weapon and it's AWESOME!
  122. PL or EF mount for 8k?
  123. Purchasing a new Weapon
  124. Does Weapon render Redvolts obsolete (vs Redvolt XL)?
  125. Rehoused Hasselblad lenses for 8k?
  126. Forged CF Red Weapon #000027 has been delivered to Kosmos/ dino
  127. prores + CDL (unbaked corrections)
  128. AC Lemo system idea for Weapon
  129. Weapon + ET AB Battery Module + Carbon Anton Bauer Batteries
  130. Any timeline updates for Mag release?
  131. Non proprietary media option request
  132. 4k x 4k recording option
  133. Weight of CF Weapon vs Dragon Aluminium
  134. Lens mounts on weapon
  137. Weapon compression - WOW!
  138. Forged Weapon #000028 delivered to me this afternoon
  140. Suggestions for a computer build for Red Weapon 8k?
  141. Forged WEAPON #30 Package
  142. I wish for... NEW_3200K_TUNGSTEN_BALANCED_OLPF
  143. 4K monitoring from Weapon?
  144. Delay in taking delivery
  145. Forged or Woven?
  146. THC, Lens Control Motor without WMD
  147. Unboxing of red weapon #41
  148. Amira vs Weapon 2K ProRes 444
  149. Weapon Playback Quality
  150. ProRes Weapon - what decoding flavors?
  151. RED Weapon #38
  152. Weapon upgrade package question
  154. Just picked up my ET V-Mount for Weapon - very nice
  155. RED Weapon Forged CF #47 "Skully" - Los Angeles
  156. Shadow Clipping
  157. HD-SDI/HDMI Idea
  158. Where is WEAPON Footage?
  159. How good is the auto black shade calibration on Weapon?
  160. Weapon 3d lut question
  161. alexa mini VS red weapon the hope is over
  162. Weapon with out OPLF
  163. Sensor Design : Single Photon Detection
  164. Picked up Red Forged Carbon Fibre Weapon #000065 today for Crash
  166. Red Weapon Light Weight Configuration Issue
  167. Could the Weapon Upgrade plan evolve
  168. RedMag trade-in - 1tb minis
  169. Two screens!
  170. 3d LUT output
  171. Weapon - AUDIO
  172. Weapon Diagrams?
  173. Crash shooting feature Midnight Sun starring Patrick schwarzenegger +Bella Thorne
  174. Forged Weapons in the UK
  175. Comparing Weapon footage to Dragon
  176. iOS apps: RED menu simulator, including Weapon
  177. Avid MXF.....
  178. Red Weapon Approved Power input?
  179. Weapon LCD Shipping?
  180. After Raven, & Jarred's Tease About New Scarlet -What Up For MG Weapon?
  181. Weapon Audio
  182. Trying to get my pipelines to 1886 ... Are all the weapon displays rec 1886?
  183. Weapon Module upgrade possibility?
  185. RED Weapon - Dynamic Range and Latitude Examined
  186. RED Weapon WOVEN CF #88 - ATLANTA
  187. Lens Coverage for 8K
  188. Red Weapon 7 Inch Monitor Hood?
  189. Weapon R3D VS. ProRes (Noise Test with all files for download) - Bonus 4K 60 & 120FPS
  190. Mini Mags are Slowest Media
  191. Report from the field: FCF Weapons #27 & #65 Endure 23 Day Midnight Sun Shoot.
  192. Weapon 8k Queue
  193. Woven vs Magnesium vs Forged Weapon
  194. 4.7” Touch + Fool Control Vs. need for Sidekick
  195. RED WEAPON DEMO DAY 11/21 Saturday @ Innocinema Atlanta, GA
  196. Weapon simul ProRes VS outboard recorder
  197. Weapon questions
  198. Thanks for the free camera, RED!
  199. Weapon In Action... Aerial Footage
  200. WEAPON LOWEST COMPRESSION: Carbon vs Magnesium (The Numbers)
  201. RED Weapon WOVEN CF #138 - LOUISIANA
  202. Wishlist for 645 Dragon
  203. Weapon DSMC2 Tactical Top Plate
  204. Price difference for DSMC2 Monitors between USD and EUR
  205. Weapon 8K CB #00001 arrived in Copenhagen!
  206. Weapon First Impression
  207. Limbo
  208. Fun little Star Wars themed Dodge commercial, shot on Weapons.
  209. WEAPON UPGRADES: Include DSMC˛ Base I/O V-Lock Expander?
  210. Weapon Woven CF #189
  211. M's
  212. Weapon and superslott acessory?
  213. Scarlet Weapon?
  214. 8K Weapon in Store
  215. Element Technica V-Mount Plate Not Passing Battery Info on Forged Weapon
  216. RED Weapon Quicktime ProRes Color / LUT Metadata
  217. DSMC˛ Base I/O V-Lock Expander?
  218. Weapon Upgraded list
  219. DSMC2 motion mount?
  220. Weapon top plate
  221. Weapon Accessories from ACTION PRODUCTS?
  222. KipperTie Weapon OLPFs
  223. RED Weapon Quicktime Audio causing QTDecoder to crash
  224. Comparing Weapon/DSMC Cams: by Resolution
  225. Dual Outrigger Handle and Red Touch 7.0" LCD
  226. DSMC2 Handheld/shoulder configurations
  227. MERRY CHRISTMAS, Jim and Jared and... everyone.
  228. How does prores gets encoded on DSMC˛?
  229. Pro Res File structures and Post paths
  230. Must have Weapon accessories...what the hell do I buy?
  231. Thanks, Santa...
  232. HDRx success...and puzzler (DRAGON sensor or RR-X decoder vs. LEDs)
  233. DSCM2 CTRL Port for Remote Camera Access using Ethernet-Serial or RS232 Extenders?
  234. Taylor Swift, "Out of the Woods" music video premiere...
  235. Questions from a red epic dragon owner.
  236. Weapon Compression Rations per Frame Rate
  237. Way to go Weapon!!!!
  238. D-tap to RedVolt XL battery module
  239. Cable for DC IN (6-Pin 1B LEMO socket) to the Weapon Base Expander
  240. Anton Bauer version of the DSMC˛ BASE I/O V-LOCK EXPANDER
  241. Weapon definitive compression info
  242. REDventure: Columbia, CA
  243. ACS Weapon test
  244. Music Video shot on RED Weapon Dragon and a 1980s VHS camera
  245. Weapon reliability
  246. 2 weapon questions
  247. Phantom Power on 3.5mm inputs?
  248. DSMC˛ RED TOUCH 4.7" LCD + DSMC˛ RED EVF (OLED) - At Same Time on Weapon?
  249. Wha.?.??.?
  250. Magnesium Weapon Wish List