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  1. Announcing RED RAVEN
  2. RED RAVEN - Info and Data Sheets
  3. Let's get this party started! What do you plan to use your Raven for?
  5. Joining the RED side!
  6. Fixed EF Mount
  7. Raven vs Scarlet Dragon?
  8. UAVs for Raven
  9. lenses for red raven
  10. Please post Dragon 4K R3D footage!
  11. Raven 4k pre res ?
  12. Underwater Housing Setup
  13. Powering RAVEN
  14. High Speed Raven.
  15. Media planning - Recording times -quick calc
  16. Red Epic-X or Wait for Raven
  17. ANA modes on raven?
  18. Raven vs. Scarlet MX
  19. Master List of PL Mount Adaptor / Lens Compatibility
  21. Raven OLPF
  22. Raven Redcode Ratios
  23. will scarlet price drop once raven comes out
  24. Dji Ronin & Raven
  25. Raven and motion mount
  26. What Accessories Are Needed?
  27. The Queue
  28. My first RED
  29. Mixing Raven and MX
  30. Give your RAVEN a RED EYE --- New Accy. Idea, RED EYE (focal reducer)
  31. Mac for editing Raven footage
  32. Questions about wifi and proxies
  33. Epic MX crossgrade to Raven?
  34. What is a DSMC2 Base I/O V-Lock Expander ?
  35. Red Rocket + Raven
  36. Jetpack Package vs. Base I/O Package
  37. Raven PC Editing Requirements
  39. RAVEN for 3D Drones
  40. Cost of media
  41. Questions for the using third party anamorphic lens.
  42. Deciding to the pull the trigger
  43. Why Raven is better for aerial, Raven is only 500 gr. lighter Epic or Scarlet?
  44. 13:1 and 7:1 REDCode 4K sample footage for download
  45. My first RED
  46. Any Footage to watch?
  47. Skin Tone Highlight on RAVEN?
  48. 4.5K Yes Please!
  49. The FUTURE of Raven... ?
  50. WC Quickback for Weapon
  51. Raven Questions
  52. ProRes Recording
  53. Which Raven Package to Buy
  54. Audio on Raven
  55. Monochrome Raven?
  56. Power Consumption
  57. Leica R Cine
  58. Raven + MōVI M5
  59. Any chance that we will have an access of Nikon Mount....???
  60. Delivery History
  61. HITLER RANTS ABOUT RAVEN....Hillarious!!
  62. Utilizing Raven's WiFi
  63. will any package include a mag reader?
  64. Sizie matters
  65. 4k signal output
  66. Raven 4.5k physical sensor width
  67. Hands on with Raven
  68. Raven Queue Put Together
  69. Raven delayed already?
  70. 4k output from Raven
  71. Calling it first - POE
  72. 4.5 vs 5K
  73. New to Red World
  74. Tethering the Red 4.7" Monitor
  76. What you can do with 4k WS
  77. Red Raven Anamorphic
  78. Am I the only one that finds it a bit ridiculous that...
  79. Red Raven vs Sony FS7 vs Blackmagic 4.6k
  80. 4.7 touch screen placement, and hidden costs for Raven
  81. Base Expander as it is now
  82. Package Handles...
  83. Controlling Raven? Side Handle Equivalent?
  84. M3 screws on the side!
  85. Ready to Purchase ! - School/ faculty/student discount question.
  86. ND's with Standard OLPF
  87. RED Touch 7"
  88. DSMC˛ Outrigger Handle options
  89. Base i/o package...
  90. Battery Clip
  91. Raven sample footage!
  92. New to the field of RED and crippled with indecision
  93. Outfitting Red Raven
  94. NOTE: Only one (1) expander module can be used at a time
  95. Red Raven uses upgraded Dragon sensor?
  96. Raven vs Scarlet-W
  97. 125fps
  98. Raven Future Upgrade/Trade-in/Discount Path
  99. RAVEN doubts for a RED newcomer
  100. Ah... Even this camera is light, and run and gun, we don't have good light ND options
  101. Raven and Ronin M
  102. world widest, and "longest zoom" lens on s35 market.
  103. Belt Clip for Redvolt?
  104. Raven - Battery Option Question
  105. NOOB: Need help with terminology - thanks
  106. So how much fan noise to expect? (new to RED)
  107. Element tech V mount
  108. Keep it light
  110. Would you purchase a new side handle, even though...
  111. Should I Sell my GH4 and buy a Raven?
  112. RED RAVEN Autofocus
  113. New to the forum
  114. What are Raven power options?
  115. Rain
  116. Smaller sensor, more noise?
  117. Raven aerials
  118. 14-20 Tokina 2.0 announcement.
  119. New I/O Base Package price (euro)
  120. Raven questions
  121. Compression at high frame rates
  122. What would be the fastest shipping option between Raven or Scarlet-W?
  123. Grips
  124. Red Raven Impression by Marques Brownlee
  125. Advantage of new DSMC2 LCD display over older version? Mounting?
  126. Need i/o expander?
  127. Base Expander VS Base IO with V-lock
  128. Trying to mind my buttons
  129. Pro-res log recording?
  130. RAVEN on the DJI Ronin M
  131. Raven rigs and accessories
  132. For those on the fence: A (unique?) perspective from a newbie
  133. Raven delivery
  134. Lens weight capacity of the EF mount
  135. iMac or Mac Pro for Raven footage
  136. RAVEN Bundle vs. parting it out
  137. ... Ah... I don't think I can buy Raven... thinking about canceling the order.
  138. Audio for Raven?
  139. Documentary / Run & Gun Setups
  140. New Movcam DSMC2 accessories - power-display-audio
  141. Zeiss (older) Distagon/Planar or Milvus for Raven?
  142. EF Mount
  143. Basic lighting package for Raven
  144. Wooden Camera Top Plate for Raven
  145. RAVEN Ships March 17th
  147. Powering Red Raven with DJI Ronin D-TAP
  148. Using the Outrigger Handle & Universal Handle
  149. Red monitor vs SmallHD 702 on Scarlet-W
  150. Pretty bummed by the lack of audio. . .
  151. Dragon Sensor Issues on the DSMC2 bodies?
  152. 2 Possible Red Raven configurations....ADVICE NEEDED!
  153. Raven & Stills questions
  154. single red mini mag case needed!
  155. Package information..
  156. Apple Pro Res
  157. RED Raven against Canon 1DX Mark II
  158. STUPID QUESTION: Base I/O V-Lock Package + Third Party Batteries??
  159. OLPF for Raven?
  160. Raven's physical dimensions compared to the Red Epic
  161. RAVEN Operation Guide
  162. Most affordable V-mount batteries?
  163. Base I/O Vlock Expander questions
  164. on-screen using DRAGONcolor/REDcolor or REDlogfilm
  165. About to pre-order, but have some questions...
  166. How are you configured for audio in?
  167. Any vmount charger work with any vmount battery?
  168. New 7-inch RED Touch Non-Carbon $2750
  169. Any solid word on when shipping will begin?
  170. Perfect Compliment to the Raven / Scarlet?
  171. Swallow focus with Red Raven
  172. Thoughts on a Review/First Red Series on YouTube?
  173. Possibility to use our Old Redmag's and Side SSD with Raven?
  174. New to RED- is the Raven right for me?
  176. Cheapest Raven setup
  177. Interfacing menus through redlink wifi and phone?
  178. fool control + power options
  180. Wooden Camera battery plate without expander module?
  181. Nikon lenses on Red Raven via adapter?
  182. - - - Image Quality - Raven vs Scarlet?
  183. Which model will garner more rental interest - Raven or Scarlet-W?
  184. ProRes questions?
  185. First RED Camera is there anything I've missed
  186. RED Raven Footage
  187. Crop Factor tool
  188. Any reason not to order weapon accessories before Raven ships?
  189. Raven control with BMD Video Assist, Jetpack & Foolcontrol ?
  190. Will IDX batteries be compatible with the Raven?
  191. Expander Module Question - blocked ports
  192. DSMC2 RED Touch 4.7" LCD - No input via cable
  193. alternative to RED touch displays
  194. Raven 3D
  195. New to DSMC2 body - what are the M3 connectors bottom left side?
  196. how much 3rd party gear can I use with Raven? (monitor, batteries, media, etc.)
  197. Low light & VFR (ie 36fps, 44, 48, etc.)
  198. Raven People must be getting pretty psyched
  199. RAVEN Allocation Thread
  201. What to do...
  203. Handheld Shooting Posture. How do you do it?
  204. Doubs about order cancellation.
  205. foolcontrol-r
  206. RAVEN Allocation
  207. Is there some Raven r3d footage avialable to play with?
  208. Anyone had their camera allocated yet?
  209. PL to Canon EF Lens Mount Adapter on RED RAVEN
  210. What can Weapon/Scarlett/etc do that Raven can't?
  211. Raven does not support LUTs - How to expose?
  212. 4K HDMI output
  213. Switronix Hyppercore Batteries
  214. Early pictures - Raven w/ shoulder mount and quick thoughts
  216. Final Questions Before Downpayment
  217. Transfer to dealer and Price increase.
  218. Any chance to get the RED Raven sooner?
  219. RAVEN price go up 4/22
  220. Who got a Raven?
  221. Raven Max FPS?
  222. Shot on RED - Raven
  223. PL to EOS Lens Mount
  224. RAVEN and KWAN (Footage)
  225. Recording from Raven
  226. Confusing Configuration Options
  227. Anyone see the new Canon 18-80 announced today?
  228. Anyone else feeling a bit uneasy?
  229. New Red.com disclaimer - Raven and Scarlet-W orders shipping first in Fall 2016
  230. Dealers
  231. Eric Thayne's Test Footage - The real deal!
  232. Raven-equal footage
  233. Retailers first in line
  234. If you go to NAB, please answer try this out
  235. Raven R3D File
  236. DJI Ronin-MX
  237. rehoused made in China
  238. An important tip for adding Saturation to RED footage
  239. The Raven At NAB - My impression and the convention in general
  241. Price increase of the RAVEN by 1000$/€
  242. Whatever happened to Production ramp up?
  243. UK Owners of RED's, Insurance Question
  244. Raven in stock?
  245. Quelling the fears
  246. Matte Box Options
  247. ND filter for Raven - strengths needed?
  248. Red Raven Base Package w/Case
  249. Rain Cover
  250. Any word on adobe adobe for new r3d files?