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  137. Helium with magenta highlights & no HDR or DRX option
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  183. Using 4in Monitor for Helium 8k.
  184. Array System
  185. EF Mount 'Bokeh Clipping' on Epic-W
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  187. Epic W Firmware - Upgrade Problem HELP!
  188. HOT ROD MODULE. Why Weaponizing Epic-W doesn't trickle down frame rate write speeds?
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  195. ProRes 422 HQ Problem
  196. Anyone upgrade their Red Epic W to the Helium and wish you went Gemini route?
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  221. Problems With Color
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  223. 8k for stabilisation
  224. HELP! Need a DSMC2 Helium 8K in Londnon UK for a Test 23-25 June
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  226. 75mm Masterprime vs. 100mm Orion Anamorphic 😎
  227. Shortcut for Stop Record and Start Prerecord
  228. Recording 2 mono tracks
  229. RED Epic-W Helium Noise Issues
  230. Trigger Box (woodencamera) not working
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  240. buying from another country.
  241. Shooting during 8 hours
  243. Filmback size on Helium
  244. Helium or Gemini?
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  250. Panasonic S1H or Canon 1DX Mark III as a B-Camera for RED Helium