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  1. Engineering delay...
  2. Proposed names:
  3. Scarlet and Epic updates...
  4. Cinemascope -- Best/Easiest process...
  5. Proxy Module...
  6. RED EPIC WIP NEWS updates?
  7. My NAB rundown
  8. Scarlet's World Premiere... (BTS Video from SF)
  9. BlackMagic HyperDeck Shuttle - potential Scarlet HD Field Recorder?
  11. Pro Video Output module for EPIC
  12. EPIC-X ETA Update?
  13. EPIC-S...
  14. Final Cut Pro X Released
  15. RED Team - Official RED-certified ProRes / DNxHD recorders?
  16. PIX 240 with Red Epic Camera
  17. Samurai/Gemini/Sound Devices - Recorder
  18. Lowest Scarlet Price?
  19. Why Did Canon...?
  20. Stage 4 - Reservations are now Open.
  21. Recording HDSDI feed with Blackmagic Decklink
  22. 4k / 2k PRO RES / DNxHD MODULE - who wants one.
  23. RED SCARLET with s16 optics in 2k
  24. Ready, Aim... Fire.
  25. Fastest way to get a ProRes or DNxHD file?
  26. NAB Rumors: Who has em?
  27. Is now a good time to buy the Scarlet?
  28. 4K NAB WARS
  29. Thunderbolt port on RED STATION REDMAG?
  30. REDMag SATA II disappointment
  31. Perception
  32. Noise, sharpness and resolution...
  33. Prices of SSD Cards
  34. experience with live grading?
  35. The Gentleman's Underwater Bubble Blower Thread
  36. Building a DIT cart...
  37. Scarlet VS Canon C500
  38. skintone
  39. Patent lawsuit...
  40. redmag crashing out during drag drop copies on both osx and win7
  41. Red Station 1.8
  42. My Review of the F55
  44. What's next for RED
  45. Epic disaster, 512 REDMag fail with Ĺ day's worth of footage
  46. Letus Gimbal
  47. First Day with Dragon
  48. Experiences with samurai blade anyone?
  49. RED Weapon 8K - Lens Coverage Information
  50. Cook Anamorphic Lenses & Red S8K Helium Camera
  51. Red Epic-W auto black shade vs manual
  52. Dsmc2 audio modules?
  53. RED ONE / DSMC 1 upgrade program finally has an end date.
  54. Announcing RED ARMOR-W ./ Sensor Swap Program
  55. Sigma 18-35mm & 50-100 T2.0 Cine Zoom Lenses
  56. VV Monstro Canon Mount
  57. Helium Sensor Smearing
  58. Internal ND Turret for DSMC2 - KipperTie Revolva
  59. RED's Space Program
  60. Tesla Starman and Gemini?
  61. Copper Bones - RED Monstro - Low Light Test
  62. Steadicam Air monopod
  63. Tested Monstro vs. Helium
  64. Scarlet-W - Would you Purchase One today?
  65. Some MONSTRO mixed lowlight impressions .....
  66. Epic - W Gemini RED TECH
  67. Announcing Epic-W GEMINI 5K
  68. What is the practical point of having a Helium 8K??
  69. Epic W Helium vs Epic W Gemini Purchase
  70. DR ..a good discussion!!
  71. Epic-W Gemini Low-Light Test Footage + R3D
  72. How Dual Sensitivity work. Gemini.
  74. SDI monitoring speed
  75. Master Red camera body chart/tree?
  76. Gemini the best low light cinema camera?
  77. Helium & Gemini Colour Matching / CHARMCINE Test
  78. Phil's NAB Journal 2018
  79. RED ONE M IPP2 Stills
  80. Gemini Day Light Footage
  81. gemini specific questions for current owners or red staff
  82. DSMC2 Release Build v7.0.2
  83. " EPOCH " Shot by Christopher Probst on RED MONSTRO 8K
  84. FCPX Shadow Control not working
  85. Epic-W VS Gemini VS Scarlet-W
  86. My (somewhat sad) Scarlet-W Experience
  87. Kicking open the doors to HFR with Gemini-like sensor and new storage media
  88. Dragon 5k vs. Dragon 6k
  89. lens clearance for gemini
  90. Upgrade Path Scarlet-W
  91. Where can I learn about the different colour profiles in a Red Epic?
  92. 6K Gemini?
  93. INKontrol Build v0.2
  94. JOY: Orion Ana's on Helium 8K
  95. Thoughts on 8K Epic w vs. 5K Epic Gemini?
  96. Cash recording on Reds
  97. Is my Scarlet-W a DSMC2 body???
  98. Why would I Upgrade Epic-W in light of DSMC2 Unified?
  99. The Raven, 2 years later
  100. Dual Sensitivity/ ISO
  101. Future of Scarlet
  102. Epic-W & Gemini Comparison Video for RU
  103. Congratulations to Red on the Dawn of the next phase
  104. Warranty only 90 days when upgrading Epic-W to dsmc2?
  105. Redvolt Expander vs Tilta B1 vs OMOD XLR 2
  106. GEMINI Underwater Footage
  107. Panavision DXL-M
  108. Low Light OLPF for Helium?
  109. Epic-W Helium kit @ B&H?
  110. RRX with enclosure or new iMac Pro?
  111. Gemini vs. Monstro. Lowlight
  112. Echo coming through camera return using DSMC 2 A-Box
  113. Gemini and Nisi lenses on a project
  114. color between Helium and Gemini
  115. Gemini Test with Different OLPFs
  116. Changing Raw metadata in DaVinci Resolve 14
  117. 0% 24 Month Lease Financing Promotions Now Available on Helium & Monstro!
  118. Pro Res Suggestions
  119. Gemini Footage !
  120. How good is my camera at being a Color Meter?
  121. HELP! Gemini 5k Ana 6:5 tearing issue
  122. Is RED a Terrible Company?
  123. Monstro initial thoughts
  124. Scarlet X DOA
  125. Should RED stop the upgrade program and just sell new cameras ?
  126. Older Redmags on Gemini
  127. Communications Backlog
  128. Gemini Kit - what to get?
  129. Basic Gemini accessoires questions
  130. Monstro sweet spot temp?
  131. Red Touch 7" Monitor Brightness No In Line With Histogram?
  132. Apple Workflow Installer v14 BETA 1
  133. Kippertie nd filter mount setting on Gemini
  134. Current Value for Weapon 6K MG
  135. Upgrade path(s) for WEAPON MG RED DRAGON 6K Owners...
  136. Gemini Tests
  137. GROUP BUY - CoreSWX Hypercore XL feelers?
  138. Epic-W upgrade to Weapon 8K Helium or Gemini?
  139. Minimag wonít load or mount to camera after bumping the reader
  140. Test footage from Gemini during first week
  141. Little GEMINI Lowlight / Grading test.....
  143. Ronin S on a Gemini + Sigma 18-35 (with built in follow focus)
  144. Red Gemini Low Light Test with Mamiya Lens
  145. GemiZ
  146. IPP2 verses Legacy on the Gemini
  147. Tons of stuck pixels in low light mode
  148. Question about resolutions on Gemini with it's taller than standard sensor height
  149. So is it true that the Gemini produces a soft picture? Do you regret not going to 8K?
  150. Gemini - ultimate indie anamorphic camera
  151. Gemini on Ronin MX ?
  152. New Gemin won't boot from power button
  153. Issues with 7' LCD monitor
  154. Delayed upgrade
  155. Maximum 4:3 for Gemini?
  156. Gemini watt hours (battery run times)
  157. DSMC 1 Monitor not booting with camera
  158. Gemini Astrophotography/Timelapse - Results? General thoughts on the sensor?
  159. Is start stop cable same for both DSMC1 & 2 ?
  160. Red Pro Prime Image circle on Gemini
  161. Running EVF and monitor
  162. Canon C200 or Red Gemini
  163. What is the De-Bayer quality of internally recorded prores files?
  164. Flashing Pixels!!
  165. Upgrade via Red or Buy and Sell?
  166. Will there be an 8K VV Gemini?
  167. Helium and Gemini same price at B&H
  168. Questions about internal prores recording
  169. Running LUTs on Gemini
  170. Nikon mount died, 2nd one!:(
  171. Kipper Tie OLPF examples
  172. Building Minimal RED Gemini
  173. Green Cast with Formatt 0.6 ND / Best 4x4 ND Filters for Gemini Sensor
  174. Colored Pixels, Much Noise
  175. No SDI Output on First Bootup
  176. Scarlet-W startup T/E temp
  178. Is there a regular Log3G10 to 709 LUT from red?
  180. Toyota Supra shot on Gemini!
  181. Gemini VS Dragon-X
  183. Gemini and Motion Mount
  184. Compression ratios on Gemini
  185. Gemini with Hard Edge Glare
  186. Monitoring
  187. Horizon gauge on Weapon?
  188. Have we forgotten about HDRx?
  189. Every old camera can upgrade to Gemini at B&H
  190. Will Gemini cover. . .
  191. Is there any real review of Speed Mount for Gemini?
  192. Vari speed audio
  193. Magenta Fringing
  194. Red Gemini 5K with Contax Zeiss Vintage Lenses
  195. Red Gemini 5K with Sigma Lenses
  196. Gemini and Atlas Orion Anamorphics
  197. slow motion recording instantly question.
  198. Gemini Noise Issue
  199. Internal batteries - recharge methods
  200. Gemini VS Helium footage
  201. RED Gemini Brand New FOR SALE!
  202. dropped frames
  203. Full width 16:9 format addition- for Gemini!
  204. Ideal sensor temp for Gemini?
  205. The Base ISO of Gemini
  206. Known Issues w/ Firmware v7.2.0?
  207. SSD Failure
  208. Scarlet-W to Gemini... have you done it?
  209. heard weare error find the deatiles
  210. RED GEMINI 5K Slow or Blocked
  211. Greg Filipkowski "Find Your Passion"
  212. Gemini Error 0x1D
  213. Shot on Gemini: Super Vision | Matt Field
  214. IPP2 and LUTs
  215. Getting an accurate image with LUTs
  216. Frames from upcoming Plain White T's video
  217. anamorphic prores only....
  218. Probably selling our dragons for Geminiís... should we?
  219. Gemini Crashed? Bug? Green Static on boot
  220. Any Hollywood Movies shot on Gemini?
  221. Cant decide between Gemini and Helium .. please help
  222. How to shoot 2k prores on Gemini?
  223. Battery Question for Gemini Owners
  224. Looking for LL Samples from a GEMINI
  225. red dsmc2 v-lock i/o expander Screw size and length
  226. Just for fun Gemini in space
  227. DSMC2 Gemini - Pre-mature Shutdown *HELP*
  228. GEMINI - Temperature sensor failure?
  229. Sigma 105mm F1,4 DG HSM Art not working on Nikon Mount
  230. Gemini not capturing blacks. Help.
  231. SIDE BY SIDE: Red Gemini 5K - Arri Alexa Mini - Kinefinity MAVO LF
  232. The perfect Gemini Kit for me?
  233. Gemini Sensor Upgrade questions
  234. Super35 Lenses on the Gemini?
  235. Canon CN-E 18-80
  236. Atomos Shogun - IPP2/HDR/LUT monitoring
  237. Gemini Rolling Shutter Test?
  239. ISO 800 LL?
  240. First Day Kindergarten
  241. Matching Gemini with Helium?
  242. Canon EF-S 17-55 on Gemini?
  243. 8x10 (ish) Gemini
  244. RED GEMINI ISO issues
  245. Ranger Gemini
  246. 4x4 vs 4x5.6 Filters for Gemini Sensor and full frame lenses?
  247. Sigma zoom coverage
  248. Any Gemini users based in Vienna?
  249. RED GEMINI shoots on its own
  250. Blacks cleaner in standard mode than LL mode?