View Full Version : NVidia Jetson and R3D sdk question - I want to crowdsource a field offloading box

Joshua Binder
01-01-2016, 01:19 PM
Can someone from red tell me if the nVidia Jetson development hardware has enough CUDA power to process R3D for scaled playback/preview on a small 4" screen.

ive been working through the documentation with the hopes of developing a portable reader/offloading device similar to what is offered by NextoDI. Only with dedicated integration for R3D.

the Nexto system is severely lacking in this department because it doesn't have enough processing power,

That being said the nVidia Jetson seems to be packed with a solid base of Hardware and is essentially a small programmable Linux box.

if anyone either from RED or any other developers would like to shed on this project please get in touch.

links to items referenced:



a little imagination could bring on some great product ideas given all the new integration with weapon, the work offhollywood is doing and others such as frame io. Lot of potential for something small connected and beautiful without the need for a laptop or computer