View Full Version : Two REDs for rental. Cheapest prizes, best know-how...

Piotr Ryczko
01-22-2009, 09:18 AM
We have three feature films in Poland behind us on our REDs..
Back up body always supplied with the project at no extra cost!!!

RED #1435
RED #2496
2xBase Production Packs
2xLCD 5.6"
2xRED CF Module
30xCF cards
6xBattery Packs + 3xChargers
Matteboxes, Tiffen ND Filters and Arri FF
22" + 24" LCD On set Monitoring
HDSDI monitor
all sorts of RED acessories for mounting + +

The Following lenses are available for rent with the camera:

6 Zeiss Superspeeds MK3 T1.2
5 LOMO Standard Speeds T2.1
5 Nikon Primes f1.3-f2.1
5 Canon Superspeeds T1.3
5 Zeiss Std Primes MK3 T2.1
5 Zeiss Std Primes Moviecam MK3 T2
4 Zeiss Std Primes Moviecam MK3 T2
1 Superscope T8 CPT with 7 lenses
1 Cooke zoom Cinevarotal 25-250mm
1 Cooke zoom Angenieux 25-250mm
1 Cooke zoom Angenieux 35-140mm
1 Lomo Anamorphic zoom 39-140mm

+ can also rent with
Master Primes
Ultra Primes
Cooke S4

+ 2 x Macbook Pro with eSata Card and 2x4TB RAID5 Disk
and very knowledgable DIT on set.
for studio shoot an octo-core mac pro with 20TB Raid disks and 2x30"
Apple Cinema displays available.

For the most affordable RED-rental prizes this hemisphere please contact:
+48 519 153 335