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    Hello, all. You may have noticed some changes to the marketplace. This is all a WIP, with more to come. Suggestions will be welcomed once it is a little more fully baked, and I will create a thread for those suggestions at the appropriate time.

    I did want to briefly clue you in to the intentions of this new section though. For more information, see the newly posted global announcement throughout the Marketplace section.

    So, what is this section for? Hopefully, it is pretty self-explanatory, but, if you have a personal gear package you would like to rent out, you can post it up here using the "FOR RENT" prefix. If you would like to make yourself or your services available please use the "FOR HIRE" prefix. If you would like to rent some gear from someone else, please use the "WANT TO RENT" prefix. If you are looking for personnel, please use the "HELP WANTED" Prefix.

    PLEASE NOTE: This section, and all other sections within the marketplace, are for personal gear only. It is intended for private transactions. If you are a rental house, or are otherwise deemed to be doing business outside of this scope, you must be an official site sponsor of Otherwise, your membership may be revoked without warning.

    Thank you for your cooperation, and understanding. As said, I will be opening a thread to take your suggestions on proposed changes/tweaks in about a week or so. Until then, a little patience will be much appreciated. If something needs immediate consideration, however, please bring it to the attention of one of the site moderators.


    (One last note. Thread prefixes are sortable by clicking on the desired thread prefix label on any thread within a thread list. Click again to return the sub-forum display to its default state)
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    Hi Jason, how can I get access to post a new thread on this board?

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    I enjoy seeing the global rental options in this section btw.
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