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    Hi all, I know what you are thinking... another gimbal?
    Well the only reason why I am sharing this is because it is actually in my hands...and has been for the past few weeks.
    I heard about a company (Gremsy) in Vietnam that was working on developing a brushless gimbal system since September of last year (just about a year ago).
    Their inspiration at the time, even before the Movi was announced, was the Zenmuse that handled the smaller cameras.

    Fast forward a year, I got a call a few weeks ago from one of my head Red Dit's in Vietnam, Cuong, that it was ready to rock.
    I jumped on a plane and when I landed, I dropped off my luggage and went straight to the company to check it out.

    Short impression: It works, it can hold an Epic (with PL and VMOUNT) and the price is the game changer for me.
    They have gimbal tuning software for both PC and Mac os support (they are also working on iOS as well I believe).
    They are using custom designed motors as well as a custom controller. They are not relying on the Alexmos controller.

    I know Freefly set the bar high and every gimbal will be compared to the Movi. I held the Movi at NAB but haven't had any experience actually shooting with it, so I can't really compare the two. The way I see it that the market will always have different levels of options. For example, in the world of matteboxes, you have the MB20 but not everyone can afford it, so there are other great mattebox options like what RED and Oconnor offer etc.

    Groupbuy price: $4500 through end of December

    Currently the retail gimbal price is set at $4900 (shipping out of Vietnam not included).
    Whats included: Gstabi H10 Gimbal, Gimbal Stand

    (in case you are curious, gimbal batteries are only around 25-40 bucks from hobby king)

    I spoke to Gremsy and they are willing to offer $4500 through end of December to everyone who places a deposit before end of December.
    To be a part of the group buy, a deposit of $1,000.00 + paypal fees if using paypal or $1000.00 if by bank to bank wire transfer to bank account in Vietnam is required.
    Deposit is refundable.

    Shipping cost via DHL is not included and will just be the cost of shipping (no extra charge for packing).
    As a price reference, Gremsy informed me that it was about $180 dollars to ship DHL air to the US. I am not a shipping expert so I recommend you call your local shipping companies for estimates.

    I have no vested interest in this groupbuy other than to share this awesome gimbal to Redusers.

    If you are interested please email: with your full name, shipping address and phone number. You will get a reply with bank or paypal details. You will have 3 days to pay or else your spot goes to the next in line that pays (when you do pay, you will be put into place based on timestamp). Basically, the sooner you pay, the sooner you are locked into the first units. I will post list of names so we can keep track of those interested. This group buy will end 10/31/2013.

    Shipment is expected within 30 days from the date of deposit

    Okay, now with the pricing that should get your attention...on to some photos and footage.
    What is remarkable...and believe me, I was super skeptical about how well this would even work... is how easy it is to operate.

    The footage below was shot by DP Joel Spezeski. He teaches part time for Reducation X and has shot about 6 feature films on RED. He never used this gimbal in his life, jumped on a moped and the result is below. He was operating the single operator mode where he is controlling pan and tilt by moving the gimbal in the desired direction.
    It is a really quick and dirty shot, but gives you an idea of how stable this gimbal is when carrying a payload of Epic, Pl mount, Zeiss 35mm Mark II super speed, battery plate and vmount brick. :

    Shot with 35mm lens.

    After I got back from Vietnam, I immediately put it to use on a commercial for an IOS app shot by DP Matt Pappas and directed by Tim Ryan of TypeG:
    As soon as the video releases, I will link it here:

    I think the biggest learning curve to the whole system is figuring out how to balance the camera on the gimbal. It takes some practice and some time. Right now, it takes me about 45 minutes to balance a new setup on the gimbal. When I say "new setup" I am referring to a new lens combination. Right now, for a side handle grip configuration with canon lens, I can get the balance dialed in fairly quickly (in about 20 minutes). If you have a "go-to" set up that is already dialed can leave everything in place and remove the camera. If you pop the camera back in, then balancing takes less than 10 minutes. It is only when you change up the gets a bit time consuming. Again, I am a rookie at this but i expect that over time the process gets faster with practice... I am just telling you real world be prepared to spend some time learning to balance the is kinda like getting a steadicam for the first time.

    They are advertising 10lb capacity but for the Housecall app ad, I had the setup weigh in at exactly 12lbs. The DP did operate it a bit smoother (can't do violent shakes or else the camera stabilizing won't hold) but we were able to get some rockin shots going inside to outside with iris pull.

    I am going to be uploading more videos as I show it to more and more people in southern California. I am thinking of setting up a demo day so people can check it out in person...will keep you all posted. I will continue to add more info to this post.

    The guys at Gremsy are really receptive to feedback and are implementing improvements constantly. They are currently implementing more tool-less integration of the gimbal so that setup times can be sped up (the newest version feature thumbscrews).

    If you have questions.. just post in this thread.

    Cuong Nguyen doing a quick setup for me.

    Fellow reduser Justin O'neill took it for a spin for the first time and was excited about the results.
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    This is a 12lb setup. I am working on ways to shave additional weight. This setup was made for iris because the shot involved going from interior to exterior.
    For the majority of my shoots, I would just want the motor to be set for focus.

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    I got to try this out a couple nights ago and it is the real deal. I am not a steadicam operator at all but I was able to run around with it and the footage came out super smooth.

    There are a bunch of gimbals in the works but this one actually exists and is ready to be used on jobs. We should be getting ours soon so I will be posting a bunch of footage shortly!
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    `HUmmm wiegth limit 10lbs?
    their website address please
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    is there a duo mode like the movi?
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    Tonaci, what are you using to fix the Vmount plate to the right side of the camera? I've been wanting to do that on my Movi.
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    Oh tempted… put name down for Movi but cancelled, wasn't convinced of ROI at that price… but $4500 worth a spin…

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    Are you doing the pans and tilts or is there a 2nd operator? Pans throughout/tilt at :10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antoine Baumann View Post
    is there a duo mode like the movi?
    You can have a 2nd person controlling pan and tilt via additional futaba, JR stick etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirby Hamilton View Post
    Are you doing the pans and tilts or is there a 2nd operator? Pans throughout/tilt at :10.
    In the moped footage it is all "solo" mode, no 2nd operator.
    All of the panning and tilting in solo mode is adjustable so u can make it slower-smoother or faster reaction. Etc
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