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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffrey Hamlin View Post
    Hey Guys....

    I hear what you are saying. This is our third RED, so I am not here to bash them persay. It is disappointing to spend that much $$ and not get a key component included. Yup....everyone sets up their cameras differently. But why include handles and rails?? I made an assumption based on the image in the RED store. We all know what they say about makes an ass out of u and me. At the end of the day it is on me for making an assumption.

    When looking to purchase an Epic, I visited the store and did a little window shopping. I first stumbled upon the EPIC-X MYSTERIUM-X GUNNER COLLECTION. In looking at the picture you clearly see a shoulder pad attached. Good looking camera package, but not exactly what we wanted so I moved on.

    With the GUNNER COLLECTION still in the back of my head, I moved on to checking out the EPIC-X MYSTERIUM-X PRO COLLECTION. "Ah Ha! That's more like it" I said to myself. It looks like it has everything we need. In this picture you can see the handles and rails but the area where the shoulder pad should be is not clearly visible as it is blocked by the batteries. the back of my head I am thinking this package has EVERYTHING that the GUNNER does plus all the additional goodies. It was a total assumption on my part.

    I think it is stupid not to include the shoulder pad when you include the handles and rails. But at the end of the day it is my fault my assuming something that would make simple sense.
    Looking at those pictures I would assume both setups came with a pad. It was an easy mistake to make and I guess you arent the first person to be surprised.

    The package should be updated to include the pad or remove the parts that make no sense.
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    You'll want the DSMC shoulder pad. Or the Gunner. Then there's the Clutch system, but that's another way to build up a shoulder rig out of similar (and some the same) RED components. Same with the Gunner, it takes NATO (Picatinny) tactical rail attachments. It's very misunderstood and underrated in the industry -- most creative or filmmaker types aren't savvy with the crossover here.

    Anyway, the Shoulder Dovetail linked by Peter above is actually designed for the RED One and a different bottom plate system. It will kinda work, but it's not ideal.
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    We will review this collection. First time this has been an issue!
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    I dont think there is an issue at all.
    Just a misunderstanding by the op.
    But if you can include the shoulder pad for free, always good news.
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