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  #1 Obsolescence obsolete... 
    Red Leader Jannard's Avatar
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    Dec 2006

    In 2007 I bought a RED ONE with a 4K Mysterium sensor for $17,500. At that time, just for reference, a Sony F23 (2/3" 1080P sensor) was $175K. Plus SR (RGB) recorder.

    In 2010 I upgraded to the 5K Mysterium-X sensor for $5750 . I am now in for a total of $23,250.

    In 2012 I traded in my RED ONE (credit value $17,500) for a $28,000 EPIC M-X package. I am now in for a total of $33,750.

    In 2013 I upgraded my EPIC M-X to the 6K Dragon sensor for $9500 . I am now in for a total of $43,250.

    Soon... I will be able to trade in my EPIC Dragon for Weapon. God only knows what that means...

    This is Obsolescence Obsolete. As promised.

    The Hobbit. Avatar 2, 3 and 4. Ridley Scott. David Fincher. You.

    "The camera is arguably one of the most important of all inventions… it is the single tool that has the ability to stop time, record history, generate art, tell stories, and communicate messages that transcend language like nothing else ever conceived."

    "Everything in life changes... including our camera specs and delivery dates..."

    We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with a bad attitude.
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    Feb 2008
    SoCal Camarillo / LA baby
    Madness this is flowing
    Luis Flores Jr - Shooting CHUCK HANK and THE SAN DIEGO TWINS & RUNNER -

    EPIC DRAGONS #202, #1031
    EPIC-M Cameras #960, #1046
    EPIC-X Camera #300

    Los Angeles
    (805) 822-9870 ce
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    Senior Member Kwan Khan's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
    People do need to Study history
    No, I do not RENT MY GEARS... - NYC (Times Square)

    EPIC-D with 9" touch, 4 RAVENs, RPP, Sigma 18-35 PL, Motion Mount, VF/RED-rock wireless FF, Pana 17", JVC 20", Seadicam with SEGWAY, Letus 4-Axis with L'Aigle Exoskeleton.

    Trash-Can 12-core Max'd-out) +MBP (Retina), RED Rocket (Sonnet), RAID system (Promise Pegasus II), Adobe Production (CC), FCS2, Resolve 12 with MC Color, 50" 4K Panel
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    This is why I signed up starting with Red One and followed the journey ever since. THANK YOU!!
    Red #2316
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    Senior Member Elsie N's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Ahhh the thread is no longer closed.

    (Mods, feel free to take mine down as it has become redundant.)
    Last edited by Elsie N; 02-25-2015 at 07:19 PM.
    One camera is a shoot...but four (or more'-) Hydrogens is a prohhhh-duction... Elsie the Wraith
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    Senior Member Raphael Varandas's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
    Sao Paulo - Brasil ( With S)
    As said before, In the RED wagon all the way my friend. Thanks for this great journey.
    Cheers from Brasil
    Raphael Varandas
    DCINE Digital Cinema
    Cameras, Glasses, Post Solutions on Set and a GREAT coffee ;)

    SAO PAULO-BRASIL +5511.55498419 (Office)
    +5511.9990DCINE +55119970DCINE ( Mobile's)

    MONSTRO Storm Trooper
    GEMINI OG #013

    UP and more...
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    Senior Member dino g's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    Venice, CA; Rye, NH; Boca Raton, FL; NYC
    I did too and meet a lot of great life long friends along the way, thanks to you and your outrageously awesome co-workers!


    p.s. I also bought an Alexa Plus 16 x9 S/N 4488 in March of 2012 for 110k, but sold in 24 months later because it was old and there was not an upgrade path what so ever and in fact 3 weeks after i bought it they came out with the 4:3 sensor and mine was already outdated and they even came up with a new name for my 3 week old camera....Classic, i.e. the old model....thank god i stayed with red!
    Formerly KOSMOS3D
    kosmos innertainment group, inc.
    EPIC-X dragon #00031
    Red Forged CF Weapon #000027
    Red Forged CF Weapon #000065
    M-X SSD Red #0031
    Master Primes
    Alura Zooms
    YouTube =

    instagram =

    i'm in the red book..check it out at:
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    Senior Member Dr. Sassi's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Los Angeles, CA
    Scarlet package for $16+K
    traded in to Epic for $9.5K
    upgraded to Dragon for $9.5K
    some extras along the way …

    … being part of it: priceless. :o)
    Dr. Sassi V. Sassmannshausen PhD
    Epic Dragon "Grisù".

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    Senior Member Ryan Sauve's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Calgary, AB
    Zeus speaks again!
    Ryan Sauvé | @sauvedp
    Epic-W #7950
    Nikon Z6
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    Senior Member sergio arguello's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    Buenos Aires,Argentina Los Angeles
    Price aside what you get is creative freedom...those too young to remember what a stranglehold ARRI had on the young creative minds with prices so high that to build a reel cost more than all the upgrades combined, and I am eternally greatful Jim for what you've done to help us be free!!!
    sergio Arguello:
    Epic-M 459,Epic-X 751
    RED Rocket™™™
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