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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    Yes I said it even before the announcement, The Carbon Weapon is not just for looks. The insides are dramatically faster... they need to be to be able to keep up with 8K. We don't have hard specs because we still are squeezing. We are at 8K 5:1 @ 24fps right now on 8K dragon.

    But don't worry, the boards fit inside the 6k MG. When the 8K dragon sensor is ready, you will be able to keep the MG body and just upgrade the Boards and the Sensor to get the full 8K Carbon performance. It will cost more of course than going straight to 8K Carbon right now, but the performance will be the same and 6K and 8K will be the distinction, not just the material.

    NOW... This I love!!

    When first stated of the Superiority of the CF Weapon, I said that my decision to go CF was made easier, just because I of course wanted all the Horsepower and 8k Sensor to become available the Weapon...

    And on the 13th night I freaked out, and just pre-order one of everything ha ha!!

    At NAB I saw the CF in person and it is just an awesome design!!

    Then I saw your personalized FORGED CF Weapon and it is an awesome design times XX!!

    But after the confirmation of the possibility to get the Magnesium Weapon up to speed in Horsepower and 8k sensor, I find my decision making DONE with it, as I simply just absolutely LOVE Magnesium, and I personally find the all Black look of the Weapon Magnesium a perfect look, especially with the new designs of the Writings and logos on it...

    And yes, current finances of course play a big role on any decision making as well... As the CF + 8k deal is an absurdly Generous and Fantastic Deal that NO ONE with the finances in place should IMO pass on it!!

    PS: My absurd love for Magnesium will become more evident as time moves on... :)

    I also like to add that this year's NAB experience at the RED booth was as exhilarating as ever!!
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    Do we know the weight spec of the WMD or WCFD yet?
    Magnesium on average is meant to be 33% lighter so will be exciting to find out the weight.
    I imagine it will be about the same as there are a few added features compared to the Epic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Moreton View Post
    Do we know the weight spec of the WMD or WCFD yet?
    Magnesium on average is meant to be 33% lighter so will be exciting to find out the weight.
    I imagine it will be about the same as there are a few added features compared to the Epic.

    ...bottom of the 1st post.
    ...too much RED on the brain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sulekh Suman View Post
    I completely agree with you Tony about operational efficiency. I would upgrade all three Dragons in a heartbeat to CF Weapon if it were available at MG Weapon upgrade price point. We don't need MG in the middle. Either launch/ announce a more affordable AL Weapon or provide CF Weapon at a price point where a lot of us will be able to afford and justify the investment thus eliminating the need for AL or MG Weapon altogether. The large volume will allow Red to broaden CF Weapon user base than making it a playground for a select few.

    I make most of my money from a competing camera but I want to continue to stay invested in Red to support and grow the company as we go along. It's a company like no other. I just hope they would always keep their mass base at the forefront of their concern.

    Getting rid of the Mg Weapon in favor of only CF ones doesn't necessarily mean lower price - volume isn't the only factor in pricing. If the boards/processors are what make up the cost difference like Jarred says, then it's quite possible that the boards in the Mg Weapon are just lower-binned versions of the CF boards - like pretty much every line of processors (including Epic/Scarlet). So eliminating the Mg Weapon would probably increase the CF Weapon's price, because RED would have to eat more cost in lower yields.

    As for an Al version, we don't have any indication that an aluminum Weapon would substantially lower the price, regardless of which boards were put in. RED (I wanna say Jarred) said that the larger price difference between the Al and CF Epics was due to recouping the initial R&D for their CF process, and that their process has since matured. So it's possible that an aluminum Weapon would only slightly lower the price, if at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent@RED View Post
    James, no one has to upgrade, it is an option.
    exactly ..people who have been through 2 previous red upgrades, some people 3, starting from the red one..obviously they aren't interested in keeping up with the latest tech.

    now that red are starting to get better at making cameras , its natural many would lose interest in upgrading, and the upgrades are afterall only for people interested in quieter fans, prores, cleaner electronics, and future upgrades, 8k and avoiding irritating black shading / timewasting .. so that rules most epic owners out.. pleased i handed over $10k for dragon a couple of months back.. so that i can buy a new box for basically the same camera functions.. at a very reasonable price

    i would have preferred to recieve accurate information about future upgrades beyond dragon asap, before i dived in, and not to fit around a trade show .. but the stakes are high for us renters.. so its a gamble..but why?

    it seems red have a big problem allowing people to make an informed decision at times that suit them

    i feel its time certain industry practices disappeared. i will never go to NAB . it has nothing to do with my life, unlike my cameras, and business sttrategies to rent them (in a market that prefers ARRI)

    tell me brent, does weapon use the same sensor i just paid $10k for in weapon, or does weapon use a new variant of dragon (ie, has new mounting boards etc like was the case with r1mx and epic-x), making the "necessary dragon upgrade " merely a pointless markketing ploy to disappoint many customers ?
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    Does the upgrades come with a side plate incase you don't want to use the sidekick?
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