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    I would guess the bottleneck in VV Dragon sensors is that Red relies on a third party supplier for these sensors and there is only a small pool of companies that can make this stuff. These companies also have a multitude of other larger customers many of them possibly buying hundreds of thousands of sensors. Red is probably only a small "specialist" player and does not have access to unlimited resources with these guys.
    So Red faced with a limited access to the "ovens" has to decide how much time do you allocate to the high failure rate VV Sensors when the same time and resources could be used to make a whole bunch of sensors for 6K Weapons, Scarlets and Ravens? Please note I am only guessing here and do not have a single verifiable piece of actual evidence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wynn Padula View Post
    I wonder why the Weapon 8K chips are so far behind delivery schedule. I'm always happy to have RED work out all of the bugs, but the VV sensor was used o shoot movies like Guardians of the Galaxy a long time ago. I wish we could be privy to what is holding it up.
    Jarred actually mentioned that there were certain customers (military, big businesses etc.) that required a certain number of the sensors. I imagine James Cameron, the Avatar guy (didn't he buy like 50 Epic Dragons?) and others were told about the VV sensor before it became open to NAB depositors so that could explain how the low yield became such an unexpected problem.
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