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    Hello, all. I am still noticing a number of people using the marketplace as a commercial entity, as well as others who try to toe the line of what the marketplace is meant for.

    Everyone has had more than enough time to come into compliance with the updated marketplace rules.

    Those of you who have been hiding in the shadows, using the marketplace for commercial purposes will either need to stop, come into compliance, become a sponsor. Otherwise, you run the risk of being removed entirely from

    Beginning next week, anyone who we (Landmine Media) deem to be using the marketplace outside of its intended scope will either be banned, given one warning to come into compliance, or will be asked to become an official sponsor. There will be a Vendor option for sponsorship that will grant limited commercial use of the marketplace, only. Vendors will be allowed to maintain a single thread within the marketplace that lists all of their items currently for sale. The benefit is that you will be granted more generous bumping rules (once per day on a single thread), and your potential customers will be able to more easily track the items you are currently offering. You can read the rules sticky for more information on this.

    Not everyone currently using the marketplace for commercial purposes will be granted the right to continue to do so through sponsorship. It will be taken on a case-by-case basis. If you are only on REDuser to use the marketplace and do not contribute elsewhere on the forum, there is a good chance that you will be hearing from me, soon.

    Thanks for your cooperation.
    Landmine Media
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    Finally, it's been getting out of hand lately
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    Dear Redusers, if you notice posts that are of commercial nature and that are not by Reduser sponsors, please do use the button on the bottom left of the post.

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    Hello, how can I post in this forum
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    Do you know Charlie McGough ...???

    He has some ARRI 416 for sale he said but I think its fake
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