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    Gotta love American Express! Visa is pretty good about it too.
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    Ok, first of all... There is a reason we have a 60 day wait period for people to sell in the marketplace, and that we tell you NOT to do business with (but, instead, REPORT) people who contact you via pm trying to sell you stuff, b/c they don't have permissions to sell directly in the marketplace and are in violation of the rules set forth in the marketplace. That should be a big giant warning flag for everyone... New member contacting you privately, trying to sell you shit.

    Same fucker... same name... different account that also dinged at least one other person:

    it is incredibly frustrating to see someone get scammed in the same exact way, when it is *completely* avoidable if you just follow proper protocol and use a little common sense. I don't mean to kick you while you are down, but it begins to get very frustrating.

    See this sticky thread?

    You folks should really initiate first contact in your thread, and not respond to solicitation via private messsage or email.

    I'm moving this thread to the marketplace so others can see it in a more appropriate sub-forum.

    If you think you were a victim of either of these two accounts, please pm me.

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    Yeah, I got scammed by Alex Gary Martinez for $390. Jason is correct to kick me while I'm down, because even though nobody deserves to be scammed, I simply hadn't been careful enough.

    I'll tell you how it all went down, in the hopes that my experience might help others avoid scammers in the future.


    I placed a WTB ad in the Marketplace for a DSMC AL Canon Mount. AGM contacted me via PM and offered to sell his mount for a price that was low, but not suspiciously low (I thought). He gave me his UK phone number, and mentioned he's on WhatsApp. He also gave me his Twitter handle.

    I was slightly suspicious of him right from the start, but not suspicious enough, as it turned out. His number was on WhatsApp, so that checked out. His Twitter account was almost 3 years old, and had a picture of him (well, someone) with a camera, with a link to his portfolio website. The portfolio looked quite iffy; it only had a dozen or so pictures of airplanes. His Twitter profile mentioned he was into aviation, so OK, fine.

    What should have rang the alarm bells loudest was his RU history. He had joined less than a month ago, and had made only three posts. Two of them were "PM sent" and the third one was a question about buying accessories separately or some such BS.

    But he had an explanation for being a recent member, and I thought hell, we were all recent members at some point. He also sent me two photos of the mount, and I ran the photos through Google's Image Search to see if they had been lifted from someone. Search gave zero hits, which went part way into convincing me of AGM being a genuine seller.

    I decided to agree to the deal. He asked me to pay in two installments: first $20 to cover the shipping, then the rest in a second installment. I'm still not quite sure why he requested that, since both payments went to his PayPal account It might have something to do with PayPal Buyer Protection which under its General Guidelines says the following:

    - Disputes can be opened for certain, tangible and intangible goods
    - Full item cost has to be covered in one payment

    So perhaps this scumsucking lowlife thinks PayPal decides the dispute in his favour because the payment was made in two parts. I haven't heard back from PayPal yet, but we'll see.

    Aaaanyway, I made the payments like he requested, and he verified he had received both.

    Then began the excuses. He had promised to send the mount that same day, but didn't. Next day he PM'd me to say the post office had been closed, but he'll definitely post the mount today. Much later that day he PM'd me to say the mount's on its way, but he had left the receipt with the tracking number in the car, and he'd send it to me once he got off work. I asked him what time that would be, and he replied 8-ish GMT.

    8 PM GMT came and went, no tracking number. Number of surprised people: 0.

    I sent him a couple of increasingly hostile PMs, got no replies. Today, only moments before he was banned, he replied with some bullcrap about having lost the receipt.


    How I futzed up:

    1) I wanted - needed - this mount very badly. So badly, in fact, that I was unconsciously willing to overlook rather obvious signs of a scam.
    2) I didn't spend enough time checking RU for scammer alerts. This dickhead had in fact been outed as a scammer two days previously, but that thread was in the Complaint Department -- and I had only checked the SCAM ALERT thread on Marketplace.
    3) Overconfidence: I've been on the internet for more than 20 years, and have never been scammed. People have tried, sure. I guess that had lead to me thinking "It will never happen to me". Well guess what, folks? ;)


    I've been asking myself, "What should I do to avoid being scammed in the future?", and came up with these:

    1) Be less trusting. Most members are honest, decent human beings... but a few might be no-good shitheads who have a special place in hell waiting for them, and deservedly so.
    2) Don't accept any sales pitches via PM to your WTB.
    3) Person's history on the forum matters. Look at their past posts: how many are there, and what is their content? If they are mostly "PM sent", it might be worth your while to ask the PM recipient if they ever received such a PM or not.
    4) If the person reveals their social media details, really dig into those accounts. Don't stop after simply verifying those accounts exist.
    5) Google google google: names, email addresses, photos, phone numbers, employers; everything they send or mention. These days you can't be a genuine person and NOT leave a sizable footprint on the internet for Google to find.


    This whole ordeal has been a learning experience for me. I hope it's taught you something as well.
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    Bumping this since it ought to be a sticky instead of being buried on page gazillion.
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    I linked it in the thread that is already stuck, so folks can find it.
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    I was wondering if anybody else got scammed by this person, and I came across this thread. I was also scammed by this guy. He too contacted me due to a WTB on here and I fell for it and paid via Paypal. He immediately stopped communicating once he received payment. I realized eventually he was never going to send anything, so Paypal got involved to get my money back. But it sickens me this person apparently scammed many people. And even if AMEX and Paypal and things reimburse people, this joker still made money and that's a horrible thing. I'm guessing this is all likely totally fake information. Who knows if this guy's name is really Alex Martinex even. But at the bottom is the info I was given in the email they sent. I saw they were a member on Reduser. Their information looked like they were in the business at a glance. So I guess the lesson is to look a bit further into things, even though this person obviously was fairly clever because they really didn't seem that suspicious. Usually scammers are more obvious about things (no web presence at all, can't use any proper terminology, can barely speak English, etc). This guy did seem pretty legit and I didn't really think I was getting scammed until too late! Beyond the following information, their Paypal Business name showed as "IntelMCorp".
    Alex Gary Martinez
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    I say this all the time, but it doesn't fail me... Facebook facebook facebook facebook. And if the person is not on facebook, it's not worth the risk. I know people will say, "but I'm not on facebook" but that's kinda crazy nowadays.

    And just because the person points to his or her social media account doesn't mean the person owns the account. I see that the Alex guy's website points to a company's facebook page. I would send a message to that page to verify before sending $.
    I almost got scammed by a guy once who linked somebody else's vimeo account to his REDuser signature. The vimeo account had a large following and lots of videos. So I sent a vimeo message and the real owner of the vimeo account said he wasn't even on REDuser.
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    I think the guy is about to change name.

    He tried to sell me a Nikon mount too, but he smelled like shit from afar. I didn't buy it.
    He told me to send money on Liam Harvey bank account his supposly roommate. So if a Liam Harvey contact you, warn the moderators.

    As I wanted to pay with bank wire, he gave me an account number, but wihtout a bank name. Probably bogus, but if someone wants to look further, I'll give it.
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    Hey, I'm not on facebook anymore but I've sold two scarlets and several RED accessories on here.

    ...even if someone is on facebook, it doesn't negate risk.
    BUT sure, for small ticket items, AMEX/PAYPAL for the win.

    But seriously folks, try to be smart if its for anything over a grand...

    selling or buying...

    just go meet em in a public place - like a police station!

    IF it doesn't make financial sense for the buyer and seller to travel to meet... then it may not be worth the risk regardless of social media or cost saving potential.

    Either way, do make sure you have liability insurance that covers theft, damage of any kind, AND your inventory on file is current for all your big ticket items (anything over a grand or basically anything from RED heh).

    For less then cost of one Mag you should be able to get such coverage for 1 year. (for some mags multiple years - unless you're a house of course).

    On a side note, as someone who has been ripped off in the past, i feel your pain and it sucks.
    I'm inclined to question if red should require some validation in order to list items for sale on RedUser

    Quote Originally Posted by Akin A View Post
    I say this all the time, but it doesn't fail me... Facebook facebook facebook facebook. And if the person is not on facebook, it's not worth the risk. I know people will say, "but I'm not on facebook" but that's kinda crazy nowadays.
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    I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself. -Oscar Wilde
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    Hi, guys!
    any information about this man - is he the same person called Alex Martinez?
    also, I think safety to call with skype before to pay.
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