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    I need to relink an offline MXF file to it's original .mov file through AMA.

    I did a recut of a feature film based on it's master file and in order for me to do the new master I need to relink the offline MXF master file in the bin to the original file through AMA and get the sequence to update accordingly. Now, I can't right-click the MXF-based file in the bin and select "relink to file(s)" because it's greyed out and "relink" doesn't work either if I've AMA linked the file already. I just need the native file to be replaced by the AMA linked file in the sequence, but I've googled this for an hour and all I get is people relinking sequences, I just need to relink one file, not the entire sequence.

    In the image there are three files in the bin. The first is the offline MXF file, the second is the AMA linked master file (for which the MXF offline file is based upon) and the last is the recut sequence.
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    Assuming there is a common source defined on the offline proxy to the AMA linked file, then you select all the AMA clips and sequence. Right-click sequence, and select "relink". In there at the top is "relink to selected" and set up rest of options to ensure there is a match. If you want, send me the bin with all the AMA linked files and the sequence and I can see what the common links are and be able to give you a better idea of what to relink with.
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