Thread: Is this the forum for NAB 2016?

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    Ketch, I think you posted the wrong link. What is the benefit of the new pipline over area 48?

    Quote Originally Posted by KETCH ROSSi View Post

    BBS Asked me to do an other GB for their lights, but not the Area 48, this time they where looking to do it with their new PipeLine series... And I do also love their "Flyer".
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    I meant to post that link to the general 2016 NAB thread for all posts related to it...

    The new GB for the BB&S hasn't happened as of yet Joel,

    Not sure if I'll do it or let some one else do it,

    The Pipeline system is a completely different system vs the Area 48, meant for use as single Pipe of different length to a combination of various fixtures.
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