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    It's been over four and half years, and they've been discontinued for a year+ (presumably because they didn't maintain charge capacity for more than a couple months like the other REDvolt models). So I doubt someone will post a pic of them DSMC1/quickplate, but even if they did it wouldn't be that helpful since you can't get them new any more.

    (That said, Björn did a cell-swapping video on dead REDvolt-Vs earlier this year! Seemed to be pretty straightforward! If someone wanted to give me a couple dead ones, I'd re-cell and post pics. LOL.)
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    I used a redvolt-V on a dsmc1 epic dragon on a live gig over the weekend on a sigma 120-300 to help keep the weight down and I was surprised at how long it ran the cam for without a touchscreen (just side handle and no recording). The batt also charged really quickly. I must have got a Lucky /good one plus I haven’t used it much since I bought it so I guess the cells were still pretty good after not having much use over the years.

    I see there are many other mini v lock options these days anyway but darn these redvolt-v’s are really slim.

    Craig Lees
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