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    Hi All,

    I've been struggling with an issue on set while shooting native 3D. We're using Red Epic Dragons on a 3ality TS5 rigs and the HD-SDI feed is then sent to AJA IO4K, which is then connected to a MacPro using QTake HDx1.4. The problem we're facing is that Timecode read by Qtake is not matching the time code in Camera. Sometimes they're spot on and sometimes they are off by one/two/three frames. The issue is that the behaviour is random.

    Has anyone faced this and resolved it? Please do let me know the best solution for this.
    3ality TS5 Fully Automated Beamsplitter Rig,
    Red Weapon Helium 8K, Red Epic Dragon,
    Ultra Prime Lenses, 45-250 Alura Zoom,
    Qtake HDx4, Preston HU3, C-Motion Wireless
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    what are you using to feed timecode to the EPIC Dragons? Try Denecke 3DSB-T, very reliable and designed for 3D.
    Jason Goodman
    21st Century 3D
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