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    I have a sequence in Avid, I'm trying to bring into Resolve.

    I'm simply exporting an AAF. However, when I import it into Resolve, the sequence
    and its cuts show up but all the footage is offline. When I try to relink the files,
    point it to the directory where they are located, it won;t reconnect.
    The files are in the .mxf format
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    MXF from the Avid MediaFiles folder or MXF from a camera original? Are the files already in the MediaPool? Or are you selecting import media with the conform dialogue box when selecting the AAF? Are these R3D files converted to Avid MXF (DNx)? How were those files made?

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    Are you using "import" or the "import xml,aaf method.? In the aaf settings inside of avid did you choose"link to media"?
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