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    We are transcoding our dailies (r3d, 4K, 24p) via Redcine X for Avid (going to work with DNX 115 1080 files for the offline). When transcoding we're doing it one card at a time (one bin = one card). Redcine X is creating an MXF Folder, an AAF folder, and an ALE file for each individual clip on the card instead of consolidating all takes into one folder/one ALE per card. There has to be something I'm missing in the settings but for the life of me I can't figure it out. I'm using the ALE files to create my avid bins and if Redcine X is creating an ALE for each take it's going to take me forever to bring all the media into the Avid. Is there a setting to change all of this or should I be doing all the transcoding in Avid and skipping Redcine X altogether as my editor friends are suggesting?
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    Are you outputting each transcode to its own folder? Which version of RXC are you using? Also, I do not recommend using the ALE to create the master clips in the bin, but use the AAF's generated by RCX. See my blog on this topic:

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