Thread: RED DRAGON 4K footage not linking in Resolve 12.5, AAF sent from Avid Media Composer

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  1. #1 SOLVED! RED DRAGON 4K footage not linking in Resolve 12.5, AAF from Avid MC 
    SOLVED! Thanks to MichealP
    Hello, I am exporting an AAF from Avid Media Composer 8.3 (Mac) . The RED Dragon 4K footage, has been AMA linked in Avid, and then transcoded to DNxHD36 (1920x1080) for offline edit.
    In Resolve, I have added the original RED camera file clip to the media pool, and then imported the AAF, which was exported from AVID MC. The timeline does not link. Error is "mismatch between specified target timecodes [09:29:19:12 09:29:23:08) and located file timecodes [01:00:00:00 01:00:03:21)..."(please refer to attached error snapshot)
    In media pool, Resolve seems to be reading the timecode wrong. RedCine X Pro and Avid are reading the correct timecode. This is just a one clip timeline test. I have posted snapshots of the RedCine X Pro metadata, bin timecode in Avid, and Resolve metadata, and the Resolve AAF import error. All help is genuinely appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Is your avid project set to same timecode as the footage?
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    Yes. I tried 25 fps and 50 fps also. The footage is shot at 50 fps. Tried varying the project frame rate in Resolve too.
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    Clear all R3D files from MediaPool, go to settings and reset the the timecode being read by Resolve, save project, then bring files back to MediaPool, then do the conform. See settings from screenshot.

    R3D Red Resolve.jpg

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  5. #5 Works! Thanks Michael. 
    Tried the guidelines posted by Michael and the conform works. Thanks MichaelP
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