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    I have two RRXs that I've recently discovered have been leaking oil from the botom of the card. They're 3 years old.

    One has been sent to RED RMA a couple weeks ago but they've gone silent and I can't get a hold of the rep who's supposed to be handling the case.

    Have any of you experienced this problem? It doesn't seem to be affecting performance; the main worry is the fan seizing or something as a result.
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    Uhm, that would be the first PCI-E card I've ever seen that has oil in it. Looks like either condensation or something has been dripping ON it.
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    Do you have any more images?

    Have you checked with RED to see if there is anything that could melt in the card?
    (They may be able to confirm if this was an external liquid)

    You might have a fire hazard waiting to engulf you.

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    I don't have any more pictures, sorry. It's in use at the moment.

    It's definitely oil and it's definitely coming from the cards. There's nothing else near or above them that could drip oil and it's only at the bottom of the card, under the fan.

    I suspect it's fan oil. I don't think there's anything getting hot enough to catch fire.
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