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    Hi All

    Big ask but worth a shot. I am DOP'ing a doco on the Women's Marches around the world. We have filmed in London, Geneva, Oslo and New York. A few more to go, including three or four of the Australian
    co-ordinators bringing to a total of about 60 interviews so far.

    I have been filming on my Red Scarlet, with a backdrop, an interesting light setup and an even more interesting camera setup.

    Basically, we are looking for someone to assist with filming in Sydney. We would be sending a few pieces of equipment (fabric backdrop and a tele-prompter) but need the assistance of someone with Camera first and foremost who is also confident with sound and some basic lighting.

    Here's the rub, we have next to no money in the kitty but could probably afford some cash where necessary so would love people to consider a charity rate or some such. We are trying to arrange a few other things such as lighting and sound for a film that already has two potential distributors lined up. We've been doing it on our own cash/credit so far, including myself.

    We have our Indiegogo campaign live so you can see the trailer so far.

    Big ask I know, but worth a shot. Thanks all.
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