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    Hello all,

    We're shooting on an Epic Dragon with the 7" touch LCD and the LCD suddenly stopped displaying. It still powers on (the backlight comes on) but it just shows a black screen. The camera is working fine, we are able to control it with the side module and SDI outputs.

    We've tried a hard restore and it didn't work. We've updated the firmware to the latest as well to no avail.

    There's probably no connection there but this happened a few minutes after we changed the olpf and did a black shading.

    Anyone's got advice? We're in the middle of production and would like it sorted asap, however it's weekend so RED support is off.

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    Update: we tried another similar monitor and another cable, same results
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    I had an LCD stop working when plugged into the +1 Module - but it did work via the front LCD input // the solve was an internal board repair... but sounds like a different issue.
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