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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon_G View Post
    I played around with matching it with c100 footage, I found you have to push the Raven stuff more to look like the other stuff.
    The IPP2 selections helped with that.
    I don't have a Raven and I'm not a colorist either, still trying to teach and learn myself so take this with a grain of salt, but I'd echo what the others have said. You will probably be better served pushing your Raven footage to that of the Canon CLog, instead of the other way around. Should be more latitude with your Raven footage (depending on how you shot it).

    Quote Originally Posted by AndreeMarkefors View Post
    Well, you write "my" 5D mkIV and "my" Raven. You've got both cameras?

    How about you tell us instead?

    Usually I find your comments helpful/insightful and look forward to seeing you provide answers and help based on your experience. However, I'm really confused at this post of yours, as I find it unusually pedantic as compared to your normal posts. Additionally, I don't see how it helps OP out in any way, shape, or form. You've more or less told him to figure out himself, which I think we could both agree on, is not helpful at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Williams View Post
    Andree, Usually I find your comments…
    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for your honest and to the point feedback. I don't mind that at all.

    Part of the problem might lie with my effort for brevity in my post. The shorter the message, the more open for interpretation, perhaps?

    It's always hard to know exactly how well two cameras from different brands might match. To find the answer one would need to have both cameras (if by ownership or rental) to test under identical conditions. Our OP, Daniel, is in an unusually good spot since he seems to have both. In general, I'd agree with you that the approach is to match the "better" camera to the "lesser" camera.

    While I haven't shot the 5D mkIV, I own both the 1Dc and the 1Dx mkII and I'm familiar with Canon Log and the .mjpeg codec. It is entirely possible to create good looking images with the 5D mkIV and the Raven would then need to be matched to that.

    In terms of the 'unhelpfulness' of my answer, I don't quite agree. I guess it could be read as one of those "let me google that for you" answers, where you just enter whatever someone is asking for into Google as a "slap on the wrist", meaning they should look for themselves instead of asking. While those answers certainly are warranted sometimes, that wasn't my intention here.

    I do a lot of self education via video tutorials. That is, I'm the one trying to learn. Mostly compositing and 3D software techniques. I can't tell you how easy it is to fall into the trap where you listen to someone who is good at what they're doing explain technique after technique and everything seems CRYSTAL CLEAR. Yet, a few hours later when I'm sitting in front of a blank canvas I go.... "hmmm.... how was that now again?". Video training is GREAT, but you really need to dig in yourself in parallel and go through the motions. Even making mistakes and running into walls can be very helpful (even if it doesn't seem like that at that very moment).

    My answer was more meant as a nudge: "let me help you help yourself". At the end of the day Daniel is the one who needs to match the footage anyway. If he has got both cameras, why not start building experience right away?

    If Daniel wanted our help in a more practical fashion, he understands that he should provide a few seconds of footage from each camera. Then we call could dig in and have a closer look.
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    thx Andre, wont lie im far from being a novice colorist so i decided to pass on mixing the footage on this project just to be safe. But i will try a few tests on the side with B rolls only this should be a good practice for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel S View Post
    thats exactly what im trying to do but im not 100% happy with the results the Red footage look so much better...
    Hey man, I've been trying to get on the forum for months trying to reply to this! I have a Raven and an EOS R. I found the ColorMatch feature in Resolve incredibly powerful.

    The first thing you need is an Xrite Color Checker. You need to place it in shot and record it in the lighting conditions for each camera. See this video for more details on how to use the feature

    I've used the Color Match at 5600k with no issues, the only problems I ever have is grading in rec.709 and getting feedback form people watching on iPhones with True Tone and Night Shift on :')

    Here is a music video I shot (zero budget) using the two cameras. This was also my first time mixing them.

    I hope this information is still going to be useful for you and I'm not too late!!
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    Agree! I've matched R3D with lots of camera footage from other cameras, use a grey card and place it in front of both cameras when filming. That will be your white balance colour reference in post and you can match more easily from there. I also suggest usomg your scopes in post production, they will easily highlight the colour shifts between cameras if you view both grey cards side by side and look at the scopes.
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