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    So I bought a "Skin Tone Highlight" OLPF from Adorama on eBay, and they shipped me an unlabeled OLPF inside a "Low Light Optimized" Box... when I say unlabeled I mean that all the RED OLPFs you buy seem to have engravings on the front saying what they are... this one does not. And then when I install it on the camera it works but its really weird. In daylight I white balance it and to achieve a proper white balance I have to have it all the way up to like 8000K. So it is clearly not a skin tone highlight OLPF

    I initiated a return with adorama and they just refunded my money and told me to keep it. So I'm sitting here wondering, what the heck is this thing? Why would it be so blue tinted that it has to white balance at 8000K?

    Any ideas?

    Image of the item can be seen here
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    Looks like a skintone highlight OLPF from the pre-swappable OLPF phase on DSMC1.

    I presume no rubber boot on the back?

    You need to set the OLPF calibration to skintone highlight in the camera menu, and all should be well on the image.

    That said, what that item was doing being sold is rather puzzling - Red to my knowledge never explicitly sold these. Its most likely a left-over after a camera has had the low light fitted back when the swappable OLPF first rolled out.
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    Interesting - you're right theres no boot on the back.

    I'll try setting the OLPF calibration to skin tone highlight and see if it works! THANKS!
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