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  1. #1 DSMC(3) Wish list / ideas exchange 
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    Not sure if this has been on here before but was curious what you would like to see incorporated into the next phase of Red? Whether it be firmware or hardware?
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    Faster Boot Times would be the main thing for me. If they can faster framerates are great to have as well. Keep the same body and keep Mini Mags and that would be great.
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    Improvements in Audio.

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    internal ND
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    In no particular order.

    1. Faster boot time.

    2. internal ND, mount with ND options, or improved version of motion mount.

    3. Compact professional audio module with analogue limiters and timecode generator with wireless TC transmission. (Or internal temp compensated crystal oscillator TC generator built into camera body.)

    4. Larger Redvolt-Vs

    5. HDR high color gamut displays and EVFs

    6. Even faster NVMe based mini-mags.

    7. Even wider dynamic range

    8. Even better lowlight performance

    9. Highspeed USB-C port on body or module for all sorts of nonsense. Connect directly to a display, power other things on camera, and so on and so forth.

    I would gladly sacrifice greater resolution for 7 & 8
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    E mount. Especially for the Raven.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Lyons Collister, ASC View Post
    internal ND
    You are right and I would love this BUT only if it is a best (or equal to best) in market solution .... I haven't tried the Venice system but the lower end solutions are not OK for me.

    I suspect a great internal 8 stop ND system would add a significant cost to the camera (maybe 10k ish) and that is cool if it is invisible from a PQ POV...
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    1. .R3D mark II (without encryption or a less taxing encryption) so it can be decompressed on a laptop CPU
    2. MiniMag with PCIe-4 4 lanes NVMe protocol (upto 3 GB/s write or more and 7.5 GB/s read) for less compression, fast off-load and with more TB of space
    3. Internal ND
    4. 6k S35 and a 6k FF
    5. Professional audio module
    6. 12G-SDI output
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    Not in any particular order:
    1. Built-in ND
    2. Less Power (better for batteries to last longer)
    3. Less Heat (would be nice to be Fan-less one day) and super quiet
    4. No black shading needed (done internally for you if still required)
    5. Software - Faster boot-up times
    6. Software - Menus that are smooth, quick, more responsive, and animated (like Apple - i.e. pull down menus)
    7. Software - Image stabilization using the gyroscope metadata (perhaps done in post) or internal sensor gimbal
    8. Improved Audio - phantom power, limiters, improved pre-amp, auto levels
    9. Improved auto-focus (see Sony)
    10. More wireless integration (for iPads, audio, timecode, follow-focus, video)...all built-in
    11. High Bright Monitors with higher resolutions
    12. Does not need to warm up and cool off. No temperature to worry about.
    13. Use CFast or standard media not RED media (cheaper price media)
    14. Have 2 media ports module for redundancy recording OR for hot-swap during live recordings
    15. 4K FF camera with recode raw 1:1 ratio (yeah, probably asking too much on this one)
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    ALEXA look.

    Just joking, let's see what happens.
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