I'm having issues playing back after upgrading to the latest RedCine. I also upgraded to MacOS Mojave around the same time. I have the latest driver installed and the rocket icon shows as enabled. The rocket shows up normally in System Profiler.

When I open a clip in RedCine, the buffer bar starts to fill but it is very slow. The drive it is reading from is fine, so it's not that. I can play what's buffered just fine but the buffering takes quite a long time. I don't remember this being an issue under an older build of this system (pre IPP2 RedCine, MacOS 10.9.5).

Any idea what to try to get things working again? I've installed the latest RedCine and the latest drivers/firmware for the rocket card. It's in a thunderbolt enclosure, which doesn't let it run at the full 8x speed but, as I've said, this wasn't an issue before and the only thing that's changed is software.