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    I just got Premiere Pro CC and edited a 1080p sequence using pro res clips i made in redcine.
    is there a workflow thread somewhere already detailing how to re-link everything in my edit to the R3D's?

    i'm hoping to relink the stuff i cut in pro res to redcode files, still finish in 1080p, but hopefully use the color correction in premiere to do minor adjustments using the redcode file, and also have my digital zooms look cleaner. whats the best way to do this?
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    I don't use Premiere Pro, however here is a video showing how to relink .Mov files back to .R3D files. There's no one explaining the process just a visual demonstration. Also, I don't know if the ProRes files have to ones recorded along with R3d files on your mag in order for this process to work.

    Relinking R3D Raw Files From MOV Proxies in Premiere Pro CC

    By Lucas Williams

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    i created transcodes in RedCine and placed all proxies in a different folder than the R3ds.
    When I try and relink, I have to relink them manually one by one, it will not do the rest automatically.

    Is it due to them being in a separate folder or some other reason?
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