Thread: VAN DIEMEN is ignoring request to return our lens

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    There was once a guy named "The Hammer". The Hammer worked for a collection agency. If you owed the agency money he would go to your house, smash your car with his maul and then he'd go to your front door to politely tell you "This won't happen again if you pay your bill to Agency XYZ". He was successful in encouraging prompt payment.
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    Maybe he can talk to Guy Ritchie- the characters from his films would be perfect ;-)
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    NIGHTMARE.....NIGHTMARE....NIGHTMARE....and keeps getting worse!!

    My partner finally found an associate who will be traveling to Surrey and requested to have them retrieve the lens and pay via Banker's cheque or cashier's cheque, Van Diemen has declined that as a viable option, stating we have to wait 2 weeks before they can release the lens.* A Bank's cheque is a guarantee of the*funds availability*and that the cheque will not bounce!!

    But leave it to Van Diemen to complicate it!*

    FURTHERMORE, they are complicating*our attempt to pay*cash stating they have to meet bank regulations, "to prevent Money Laundering attempts." (email, June 14, 2021)

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    Where does this guy live? I'm in the UK pretty often. Could pay him a visit
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