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  1. #1 How to know Aperture when use 3rd party EF mount ? 
    I'm a beginner in RED system and I cannot buy all original RED items . So, I bought 3rd party EF but I cannot control my Aperture since the is no electronic chips. My question is how to know on which Aperture my lens on ? I use sigma 18-35mm photo lens and canon 50mm 1.4.
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    Hello Ayman,

    If you don't have a lens mount adapter with electronic connection on most Canon EF lenses you will not be able to control the iris, which means it will usually be set to wide open. So for your Sigma 18-35mm, f/1.8. And your 50mm f/1.4.

    However, in the meanwhile while you save up for a decent mount that allows for iris control, you can set the iris on a Canon DSLR that has the ability to DOF preview, which can often be set to a half press or a custom button.

    When you have that selected, you can rotate the lens off the Canon mount and it should maintain whatever aperture setting you last had it.

    My best advice is to save up for a proper mount or use lenses with manual iris/aperture control.
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    Thanks a lot
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