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    For sale is a Red Epic-W brain or package with only 128 hours.

    Condition: Excellent condition with no issues. Normal signs of use.
    Includes: Brain, Standard OLPF, Canon EF Mount, A.C Power Adapter, Sidewinder and DSMC2 Brain Case.
    Asking Price: $11,000 USD
    Location: Vancouver
    Shipping: Willing to ship outside of Canada and we also willing to meet in Vancouver.
    Reason for selling: We are looking to save money for the ARRI Mini LF.

    Additional Accessories for sale to include with the brain, OLPF, EF Mount, Power Adapter, Sidewinder and Brain Case:

    1x DSMC2 Red Touch 4.7" LCD - $1000
    1x Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art DC HSM Lens for Canon - $500
    1x DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander - $1450
    2x BLUESHAPE GRANITE TWO High Capacity 150Wh Gold Mount Batteries - $350 each
    1x Red 1TB Mini-Mag - $2100
    1x RED Station RED Mini-Mag USB 3.1 - $100

    $16,500 total for the entire package.

    Email me for more details
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    A few potential buyers but nothing final yet. Just added some additional accessories for sale if you are interested and if you want to make it a ready to shoot kit.

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    Hi. You (or the person who hacked this account) are a piece of shit.

    People work hard, take huge financial risks, and put personal relationships on hold to afford these tools. You aren't taking advantage of people who can afford to take a $11,000 hit and just walk away. You're fucking with people's livelihoods and how they put food on the table. Do better.

    Have a great day, bud.


    I received a message on facebook from someone who's been corresponding with this "seller." They were sent a link to photos which I sent to an "interested" party, and then later added to my listing here:

    It's obvious now that I allowed this to happen by not linking my original post with my photos. That's a valuable take-away, and I won't let it happen again. In case there's any doubt, I have the rest of the photos on my camera roll, and can facetime with camera in hand.

    Please update with any info on this person, and link to any other activity on other forums.

    TLDR: Human trash is trying to scam you by undercutting my sale, emailing my photos as proof. Don't deal with people who won't video chat with you.

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    Yeah I just went through buying a used RED and ran into a couple of people who I believe are scammers. 2-3 people would be super responsive initially, then whether or not we agree on price they stop responding after I let them know we’d need to FaceTime, only use PayPal/ and link up on social media, they would ghost me. I’m talking about people who seemed eager to take a large amount of my money would stop responding after I asked that we verify nobody’s a scammer. One of them even accepted an offer from me, then continued to bump his post as here as if we didn’t just agree on terms. I just sold a C200 and was eager to prove I was real.

    I ended up paying a little more and buying a used Red body from a dealer I’ve bought from before (TMS), just to avoid the stress of possibly being scammed out of what has become my most expensive possession. Turns out peace of mind was worth a couple thousand bucks....

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    SCAM - Don't buy with these guys

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    Scam confirmed, real user let me know. Banning the account.

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