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    I have spent the past 45 years building “inventions wrapped in art”.

    Just now turning 70 and having a few health issues, it is now time for me to retire.

    I will be shutting down the HYDROGEN project, ending a career that has included Oakley, RED Digital Cinema and HYDROGEN. I am very proud to have worked with many great people over the years who have signed on to the vision.

    RED Digital Cinema will continue stronger than ever with Jarred, Tommy and Jamin at the controls. Komodo is about to be launched… and the HYDROGEN One will continue to be supported in the future.

    I want to thank everyone for the support I have felt over the years…


    Happy Birthday Jim, all the best wishes and thank you so much for opening a door for so many, for me personally one that had some life-changing side-effects. Also thank you for bringing so many people from all over the world together, it was your vision that made it happen. I'm very grateful to have stumbled across you guys and started to dream with you.

    Enjoy life to the fullest and take care of your health!

    P.S. i really liked what you did with Hydrogen, what you were aiming for. I can clearly see the vision behind it and what could have been.
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    Obviously, I would not be where I am today, both professionally and personally, without my 18 combined years at Oakley and RED. So, a huge thank you to Jim for every opportunity along the way.
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    What can I say, It's been an incredible ride. You've shown us along the way how to do things in a disruptive, transparent and incredibly cool way. But most important to me is the humanity you bring to both this industry and to business in general. Retire? Maybe. Recuperate? Yes. Don't go away, we're all still cheering you and Jarred and all of the rockstars at RED on. Here's to a bright future.
    Jared VanLeuven

    The megalomaniac pleasure of creation produces a type of elation which cannot be compared with that experienced by other mortals.
    - Edmund Berger
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    Thank you Jim.
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    Big thanks!!
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    Being the constant critic and thorn in the ass at this forum, I still want to thank Jim for creating Red and all that it has become. While I do maintain that customers need to be understandable of the fact that Red is just a company that, just as others, care for profit, there's no denying the fact that Jim initially had a great vision for Red and pushed the industry towards that vision. There's no denying that Jim pushed the industry into the revolution of digital high-quality cinema and that fact needs to be celebrated as part of the history of cinema. And the very idea of being part of the history of cinema is really a tremendous achievement that few will really even come close to.

    Thank you Jim, and good luck going forward!
    "Using any digital cinema camera today is like sending your 35mm rolls to a standard lab. -Using a Red is like owning a dark room."
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    Hats off to you sir. I have been been able to put food on the table because of RED. Enjoy your retirement without guilt or regret. I hope you visit your island one day.

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    Wish you the best Jim. Thanks for creating RED and paving the way for myself & others to follow our dreams
    Cinematographer - Camera Operator
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    Thank you Jim! I remember back in 1993 you taking a few minutes out of your day at Oakley to meet up with me as I tried to procure sponsorship dollars for my snowboarding film “Upping the Ante.” You asked me a few questions about the film and then started to ask me questions about your sunglasses. You pulled out what young punk me observed to be some of the ugliest frames I had ever witnessed. You asked what I thought them. Not sure if I would blow my potential sponsorship I said those are the ugliest glasses I have ever seen. I remember how you laughed and then told me that you loved making a few models that were so over the top that it was great fun to see if you could get people to wear them. Right there I knew you were an awesome dude who knew how to have fun. You always have pushed the boundaries with a Midas touch. You were generous enough to help me complete my project as you were with so many of my subsequent films over the years. Premiering the Mack Dawg films at Oakley’s theatre were some of the best memories I have from those days. Jim you are a legend and I thank you for your support. BTW your cameras are pretty good too! Happy retirement Sir.
    Mike McEntire
    Mack Dawg Productions
    Oceanside, CA
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    All the best in your future adventures Jim! Enjoy your next chapter!
    Shoot for the Impossible...Then do it.

    Jarek Zabczynski
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