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    Talked to Jarred - DSMC1 to DSMC2 Dragon-X for $9,950! Page updated/live on now!


    For those of you who have a Scarlet-W or Weapon Mg, check this out:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    Ok all... this looks like this will go live December 17th(ish)

    But since this started here for you all, you guys can get a head start to jump in and book your reservations now so when its time you are at the front of the line.

    You'll need to game the system a bit and use the existing upgrade form on to kick the process off as it is the easiest and quickest way to get your information in. The details listed will be wrong but ignore all that we are just using the form to get your name serial etc.

    SCARLET-W and WEAPON-MG users pricing for the upgrade is $4950.

    Existing Dragon-X 5k owners will get the free firmware around the 17th as well, and if you want to send your camera in to get the 5k changed to 6k it will cost $150 for the paint touchup version, if you want a full 6k front enclosure change let your rep know we need to see how many of you are so we can see batch opportunities to keep the pricing down.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    This is gong to extend until we finish everyone on the petition list when that closes down the 17th. I think it should last about a month to get through eveyrone? at least everyone scheduled etc. So everyone better get their name on that list.

    This isn't a normal program remember..... this is a one off thing for the people by the people and our accountants really would love to see this whole thing go away as soon as possible :)
    Get your orders in now to jump in line!


    We did it! See the below post - this is such an incredible offer - thank you, Jarred!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    no no, I don't think we need to adjust the price... the 5k Dragon-X already have 6K sensors in them. We just need about a month of software work to get IPP2 working on 6k Dragons.

    This wont work on Raven.. those sensors are hard 4.5k sensors. And some dragon sensors were software masked down to a smaller resolution that had defects down to a smaller resolution but that was mostly the VV dragons.

    And this wont work on DSMC1 users on the list because remember the unified internal boards didn't happen until DSMC2.... But I think most of you have an upgrade path to Dragon-X so you can just do that to get you to this.

    So.... the cleanest way to do this since our friend looks like he is gonna get his 50 signatures is to just turn the 5K Dragon-X into 6K Dragon-x and then let the Scarlet-W and MG folks do that normal $4995 upgrade to them.

    A bit messy on our side.. some cameras will need more changes some less, but I think it will all balance out in the end and the upgrade fee Scarlet-W and MG users pay should cover the expense of doing this.. and Dragon-X owners just wake up with a better camera after hopefully just a new firmware... so I don't think we will need to charge any more for new Dragon-X 6K cameras.. the 5K Dragon-X just goes away, and Dragon-X owners are forever indebted to the MG and Scarlet-W guys and girls that initiated this change in the program.

    The biggest problem with this is a cosmetic one. Scarlet-W and MG users that do this will get new bodies that will say Dragon-X 6k on them so they are ok.. but existing Dragon-X owners with 5K branded on their cameras that now shoot 6k will need to either live with that.. or we can figure out some sort of body upgrade fee to swap out that front panel if it bothers them. Kind of the worst panel to change because it requires a full camera rebuild just to change that, but still I don't see that being more than $500 or $600.

    How does that sound?


    So, this started on the Ranger Trade In Program Begins thread.

    I'm one of many people who have held on to the dearly beloved Weapon MG because it has a gorgeous 6K Dragon sensor.

    I asked Jarred if we could upgrade just the boards in the MG to make a DSMC2 6K Dragon, as the current route is only going to Gemini 5K.

    Here's what followed:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    heh heh heh.... thats the real question, why wouldn't you want to goto Gemini? You just want the new boards in the DSMC2 body with your existing Dragon sensor?
    Quote Originally Posted by BrendanLeahy View Post
    Yeah, I (and others!) love the 6K Dragon sensor for sure!
    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Tresch View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    Get 50 more of those +1's and lets start a dialogue. Dragon-X could become 6k DSMC2 with some effort which I think would fill all you OG Dragon lovers needs.
    This is HUGE, so I wanted to see: who all would like to see a 6K Dragon-X DSMC2 upgrade path?

    Please put a +1 and what camera you currently own, just to give RED an idea of who is looking at this, and what camera you'd be coming from. I'm guessing this would still be primarily for MG owners, but we'll see what the Chief says!
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    Master List:

    Weapon Mg
    1. Brendan Leahy
    2. Patrick Tresch
    3. Matt Bass
    4. Himalaya Kilaru
    5. Ty Sugg
    6. Daniel Kelly Brown
    7. Ryan Williams
    8. Ian D
    9. Samir Patel
    10. Jonathan Powell

    Scarlet-W Cameras
    1. Sergio Herencias
    2. Audy Erel
    3. Fahnon Bennett
    4. Kristin Stewart
    5. Juan Francisco Calero
    6. Leonardo Schober
    7. John Dempsey
    8. Devindra S.
    9. Josh Birch
    10. Bérenger Brillante
    11. Sean Lovelace
    12. Kurt Mayry #1
    13. Kurt Mayry #2
    14. Kurt Mayry #3
    15. Tobi Rupp
    16. Arnaud Dumas
    17. Suresh Kara
    18. Luke Parmeter
    19. Maarten Slooves
    20. Manolo Mendieta #1
    21. Manolo Mendieta #2
    22. Laurent Pasquiet
    23. Ross C Turner
    24. Max Fannin
    25. Peter Lightowler
    26. Gabriel Llantino
    27. Kevin J Salisbury
    28. Ben Fredman
    29. Asher Vast
    30. Andy Chen
    31. David Reimers
    32. Joe Karably
    33. Juan Camilo Barriga
    34. Subrata Sen
    35. Matthew Miller
    36. Matt De Sousa
    37. Dustin Tolman
    38. Jacob Barkey
    39. Rodrigo Violante
    40. Robert Buchanan
    41. Tom Jose
    42. Declan Sinclair
    43. Nick Morrison
    44. Matt Beardsley
    45. Ian R Carberry
    46. Joshua Nitschke
    47. Fabio Lanzone
    48. Michael Tebinka
    49. Daniel Boist
    50. David Schonwald
    51. Mike Gentilini, Jr.
    52. Albert Ling
    53. Blaine Westropp
    54. Dre Kahmeyer
    55. John Conn #1
    56. John Conn #2
    57. Barry Gregg
    58. Søren
    59. Paul Houston
    60. Jeff Augustin
    61. Sergei Selivanov
    62. Jan Schuster
    63. Henk Otte
    64. KShaw
    65. Enrico Pavia
    66. Julen De La Serna
    67. Marcus Thomas
    68. Yves Marchon
    69. Remsy Atassi
    70. Daniel Vergara
    71. Georg Rune Andersen
    72. Gunther Meisse
    73. Johnathan Betz
    74. Chris Newhard
    75. Roberto Carmona
    76. William Long
    77. Kyle R Lancaster
    78. Rich Bella
    79. Thomas Kyle McCarty
    80. Brandon Strack
    81. John M Taylor
    82. Luke Rob
    83. Magic Hoskins
    84. Riccardo Roan
    85. Christophe Deshoux
    86. Matthijs Los
    87. Miguel A. Gomez
    88. Gertjan Aertgeerts
    89. Bart de Graaf
    90. Nick Dello Russo
    91. Trey Plemons
    92. Ty Hunt
    93. John Barrett
    94. Keaton Bowlby
    95. Michael Raby
    96. Kelii Grace
    97. David Peacock
    98. Carter McCormick
    99. Rick Joaquim, SASC
    100. Daniel Agustin
    101. Chris Beauchesne
    102. Gottfried Repolusk
    103. Roberto Leone
    104. Martin Whittier
    105. Benedikt Schmid
    106. Aaron Almquist
    107. Matt Weeks
    108. Darius Lyles
    109. Kenneth Hover
    110. Daniel Dïaz
    111. David Recher
    112. Max Fuerst
    113. Iacopo Boccalar
    114. Carlos Gracía Ródenas
    115. Destyn Patera
    116. John R Lewis
    117. Matt Simpkins
    118. Gabriel Attwood
    119. nyem coglitore
    120. Tyler Kerpsack
    121. Ron Kurokawa
    122. Christopher S Johnson
    123. Curtis Edlin
    124. Shaeden Gallegos
    125. Brendan Monteiro
    126. Ivan Verlaan
    127. Bill Brown
    128. John Marchant
    129. Tom Barker
    130. Ryan Navarro
    131. Jan Minol
    132. Mitch Ayers
    133. Isaiah Jay
    134. Brian Cheung
    135. Jack Allred #1
    136. Jack Allred #2

    Dragon-X Cameras
    1. Kurt Mayry
    2. Scott Balkum
    3. Kevin Keiser
    4. Everrett Glovier
    5. Andrew Gwynn
    6. Andrew Storer
    7. Joseph Montalto
    8. Dylan Hyman
    9. Rami Mikhail (updated branding)
    10. Sandeep Abraham
    11. Eric DeHaven
    12. Adrian Musto (updated branding)
    13. Maximilian Lewin
    14. Kwan Sheung Chi
    15. Edwin Haighton
    16. Marc Pilato
    17. Matja Petrovic
    18. Codakchris
    19. Patrick Acum
    20. Aaron Green
    21. Henry Schofield
    22. Kevin Bryan
    23. Curt Pair
    24. Eloi Sirois
    25. Jeremy Spring
    26. Ronnie Romero
    27. Andrew Adams
    28. Rob M Neilson
    29. Brandon J.F.
    30. Paul Barshon
    31. Chris Jablonski
    32. Przemysław Niewęgłowski

    DSMC2 Cameras
    1. Manfred Baulig - Monstro
    2. Manfred Baulig - Helium
    3. Manfred Baulig - Raven
    4. Christopher Murray - Raven
    5. David Moreno Belmonte - Epic-W
    6. Kurtis Imel - Epic-W

    DSMC1 Cameras
    1. Richard Yau - Epic Dragon
    2. Jamil Stubbs - Scarlet Dragon
    3. Manfred Baulig - All versions of Epic?
    4. Joshua Hoareau - Epic Dragon
    5. Julien Deka - Epic Dragon
    6. Nikhil Kamkolkar - Epic Dragon
    7. James K - Scarlet Dragon
    8. Arnaud Dumas - Scarlet Dragon
    9. Stephen Pruitt - Scarlet Dragon
    10. Jason Diamond - Epic Dragon #1
    11. Jason Diamond - Epic Dragon #2
    12. Robino_J - Epic Dragon
    13. Toby Heslop - Epic Dragon
    14. Tom S - Epic Dragon
    15. Josef Gatti - Epic Dragon
    16. Joshua Hoareau - Epic Dragon
    17. Alexandros Tsoupras - Epic Dragon
    18. Carlos Castillo - Epic Dragon
    19. Elliott Lucas - Scarlet Dragon
    20. Alexandre Chailan - Epic Dragon
    21. Julien Jarry - Carbon Epic Dragon
    22. Rami Mikhail - Epic Dragon
    23. Anthony Brown - Epic Dragon
    24. Alistair Cooper - Epic Dragon
    25. Eric DeHaven - Epic (?) #1
    26. Eric DeHaven - Epic (?) #2
    27. Eric DeHaven - Epic (?) #3
    28. Paul Raila - Epic Dragon
    29. Adam Carboni - Epic Dragon
    30. Mark Chang - Epic Dragon
    31. Mestizo Devon - Forged Dragon?
    32. Guerrier JF - Epic Dragon
    33. Christer Harris - Epic Dragon
    34. Ian D - Epic Dragon
    35. Willem Berents - Epic Dragon
    36. Aaron Foley - Epic Dragon
    37. Jordi Fonollà - Epic Dragon
    38. Bob Dodd - Epic Dragon
    39. Nick Morrison - DSMC1 Cam 1
    40. Nick Morrison - DSMC1 Cam 2
    41. Percy Fung - Epic Dragon
    42. Percy Fung - RED One
    43. Percy Fung - RED Epic
    44. Kenji Hibi - Epic Dragon
    45. Tom Barrett - Scarlet Dragon
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    Would it have better low light abilities than DSMC 1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy Jones View Post
    Would it have better low light abilities than DSMC 1?
    Yes, I had a 6k dsmc2 and there is somthing there for sure. Dont know if its only the higher bitrate or that and optical path but I noticed it being less noisy than my dsmc1
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    Quote Originally Posted by Björn Benckert View Post
    Yes, I had a 6k dsmc2 and there is somthing there for sure. Dont know if its only the higher bitrate or that and optical path but I noticed it being less noisy than my dsmc1
    Graeme stated the new boards in DSMC2 resulted in cleaner images from the same sensor. I have the MG Dragon 6K and there was certainly an improvement over DSMC1 Dragon.

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