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    Call me crazy ... buts its 2020 ...

    Would it be beyond awesome if RED would add ACN Protocol to the Komodo so we can use a Slate and Audio Recorder sync without ANY additional boxes

    or maybe if RED made its own RED Wireless Timecode Protocol that other Slate manufactures and Audio Recorder Manufactures can support ....

    please Jarred
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    As a TCS Ltd user myself, I'd be much more excited if RED instead adopted the :Blink network for timecode distribution. (Sound Recordist based in Auckland, NZ. Happy to travel too)
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    A standardized module size would go a long way nowadays for sync because there are so many different brands and now so many tiny options, but I think truthfully as an integrated option more of a DSMC3 thing.

    Remember that Komodo is a tight ecosystem and actually RED's first exploration into such a camera. Anything like what you describe demands more power and will indeed make the camera more $$$$ moolah even if it can support the juice internally.

    I think one thing that separates the potential of the "bigger boy cameras" is the ability to power accessories, displays, and modules reasonably with as minimal gack as possible. This in effect was the real revolution of DSMC and DSMC2 bodies in my mind and you can see my rigs look really optimized with minimal wires or devices that require external sources.

    Komodo is a bit different. With a focus on smol, adding things into the equation will indeed be "adding things" to the equation.

    Good news on the TC box side of things, most have loooooong lasting rechargeable batteries and are tiny as heck these days.

    It's been said that orange is the new black. And as a noire enthusiast black will always be the new black.

    But truthfully, industry-wise. Small is the new black.

    And this gets fun when I see people adding weight to their camera packages just so they can operate them in somewhat of a stable manor.

    Tricky balancing act there! We certainly want smaller and lighter weight gear. But often a little weight is the solution to make operation smoother.

    <-- doesn't miss his 72lb+ camera setups. Currently rigs mostly in the 12-40lb range. Excited that Komodo can be used in <4-12lb range.
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    I use and have had good results with TimeCode Systems and their "matchboxes". That said, would be great if external devices - no matter how small - were superseded by an internal solution.

    One request, if RED does pursue on board TC/Genlock/Sync capabilities - please support PTP (Precision Time Protocol) which is now a published standard. UTC (Universal Time Code) has done it's job well for a long time (pun intended) but it's too limited for many applications - both current and upcoming.

    I'd also suggest following TCS's lead in offering low band RF communication in addition to WiFi. With all the wireless traffic on most sets these days, an alternative to 2.4GHz for TC/Sync/GL/CTL signals can be crucial.

    Cheers - #19
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    Tentacle sync FTW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Morten View Post
    Tentacle sync FTW.
    I'll second that. I have six of them. Four are the newer E's. Simple, tiny, weigh nothing and will run a full day plus on a charge(rated for 35hrs). Even made a producer really happy a few weeks ago when she asked for TC so she could make notes during the interview about five minutes before it started. I told her to go to the app store DL the free Timebar app. Happy Camper... She even offered to take us to lunch afterwards... ; )
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    Anyone know what top camera and monitor mount brand this is? Thanks in advance for helping!!!

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