Thread: Is it worth it to sell a Raven in 2020?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zack Birlew View Post
    At this point, I’m not sure there would be too much demand for a Raven at $9,500...
    for just a brain, I certainly wouldn't pay that much. It would take a pretty pkg. to get the price up to that.
    I live on the edge of financial ruin and have ever since the RED One, (And yes, I can still laugh about it.) :)
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    Well, my thoughts as someone who is looking at purchasing a first RED are as follows.

    After all the research I’ve done in the past week I know I’d love to have DSMC2 Gemini. Low light performance means more to me than an 8k sensor on a Helium. The price is steep for what I plan to use the camera for so a used Gemini would be a better bet. Waiting for REDs certified pre-owned thing to live up with all the upgrades they’ve been processing.

    Considered getting a scarlet-w or epic-w to send in for an upgrade and save about $5k but still get a new Gemini from RED from the whole upgrade process. This depends on price of donor cam of course but savings would pay for all other accessories I want.

    Then I was like - why not just get a Raven as a first RED. It’s DSMC2 accessory compatible so I can ease into Gemini when the time is right and just have to switch body/brain - and keep all accessories. So I looked On eBay and cheapest in great condition brain-only is $5999. For $2k more I can get a scarlet-w or in some cases epic-w. Hmmm.

    So with all that said - and after reading all 300+ pages of Komodo thread - it would be absolutely crazy for me to buy a Raven for anything over $3500 if I can have a brand new Komodo for $6K.

    In conclusion - if you are asking yourself if you should sell and can push it for $6k - do before Komodo comes out. Once that boat sails you’ll probably decide to keep it as no one will want to pay more than $3k for it after that. IMHO.

    Just my opinion from all the research. Complete noob to RED - however, that makes me a perfect potential candidate for something like your Raven. I’m your market ;)
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    Thanks for all the advice and anecdotes, everyone. You've given me a lot to think about.
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