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    First of all, for those who wonder - Yes, R3D files play smoothly on Vegas Pro - depending on your build (mine is i9 9900K + 2080ti + 64gigs of RAM)
    My colorists are working on Davinci Resolve, so I would like to be able to edit on Vegas (as it is the best editing NLE in my opinion), and export an XML to colorgrade in Resolve. is this possible? right now everytime I try to export a rough cut from Vegas to Resolve, it doesnt load all the media in Resolve due to the fact that Vegas doesnt read my R3D file's timecode, so Resolve can't match the files. The solution for this would be either manually inputting the timecode into each video file (which is very time consuming), or transcoding my media into a format of which vegas can read the timecode from (which is out of the question cus im loosing all my RAW data)

    What I've been doing so far is editing my stuff in vegas, then render a "Vegas Intermediate 444" file (depending on your footage), Import to Resolve and use the "auto scene cut detector" to split my clip and color grade. this is fine I guess but it makes me unable to keep my RAW files.

    Any idea on how to make it work?
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    Can you either export an XML, export for Final Cut pro, or an .AAF file. If you can one of those should work, that's if you can export one of those.
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    Yeah I basically tried every export format out there.
    A method that surprisingly worked, was to export an AAF, open it in Premiere, and then export an FCP XML from Premiere and import to Resolve.
    This time there were no errors and the timeline from Vegas is now showing up perfectly on Resolve.
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    Gal, it seems odd to me that Vegas wouldn't be reading the timecode of the R3D files and if you were able to export out to an XML and bring it into Resolve, even in a roundabout way, it would seem that it is using timecode. Is that the case? Or are you saying you somehow had to manually enter timecode? That doesn't seem to make much sense.

    Either way, glad you were able to get it into Resolve.
    Steve Sherrick
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