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    Quote Originally Posted by Christoffer Glans View Post
    The parody is that people can't understand the difference between those two sentences. People have made up their own ideas as to what freedom of speech is and do not seem to understand that if you go into a bar and say whatever you want claiming defense in form of freedom of speech, you will be kicked out or banned from that bar and there's no unlawful censorship taking place. People seem to forget that just because they are online, they don't own the place they're writing within and the owners of that space can do whatever they want with your existence there if they feel you break their rules of conduct.

    I'm asking for concrete, where in my post I abused freedom of speech? Why are you talking about a bar? I know that my freedom is limited by the freedom of others. It is obvious. Show me where I abused freedom, where I said something wrong or false, where I offended someone, where i break rules of conduct. I will repeat it again and write in capital letters because I think you are adding some false facts: OVER THE PAST FEW DAYS, I HAVE WRITTEN OLNY ONE COMMENT, THIS COMMENT IS VISIBLE IN THE PHOTO I ATTACHED AND THIS COMMENT IS THE ONLY REASON I WAS REMOVED FROM THE GROUP.

    If you want you can make "a statistical probability chart about members of communities showing the probability of someone being an asshole". It will probably be the biggest nonsense written in this forum... although I may be wrong because I haven't seen all your comments yet.

    I can give you one advice, judge people individually, rating based on statistics is unfair.
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    Tomasz, I advise you to drop this debate, you are giving too much time to a community of Redfans who are starting to get lost in another dimension.
    We have never read so much contradictory bullshit with this already overestimated Komodo, while the current model tested is only a beta version.
    A disproportionate delirium that should not suit everyone…
    This whole mess is starting to overflow ...
    Personally I have been part of the community of loyal users of Red cameras for years… and I will no longer get into the slightest conversation in the various groups related to Red products.
    It becomes impossible to hold a debate, however simple, adult, professional, without being quickly threatened ...
    I don't know what's going on right now ... and I imagine this is not going to go in favor of Red ...
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    Senior Member Audy Erel's Avatar
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    Tomasz is actually defending Komodo in the other forum a couple of days ago when everyone is bashing the camera. See my screen capture below.
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    SCARLET-W #004760
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    FB groups are starting to pose a real problem ... And creating another group would not help, because with the Komodo, a wave of extremist geeks (clearly not professional users, whether they are Red, Blackmagic, Arri cameras , Sony or Kinefinity…) are only intended to spread chaos.
    Moderation is useful, essential, but now it becomes totally offbeat, exaggerated and no more adult, intelligent dialogue becomes impossible.
    You have to be careful before writing a single word ... and especially not to mention a brand other than Red ... otherwise you end up in hell!
    It all becomes grotesque… and I think that Jarred will not be able to mitigate anything, unfortunately… and that this should not go in favor of Red…
    Reduser doesn't seem to be affected by this problem yet… as long as it lasts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Audy Erel View Post
    Tomasz is actually defending Komodo in the other forum a couple of days ago when everyone is bashing the camera. See my screen capture below.
    Thanks for the support. I always try to be objective, I defending RED cameras many times especially on Zcam group, so far nobody has deleted my comment until yesterday...
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    Senior Member Jacek Zakowicz's Avatar
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    Like my 22 year old son said- "social media has become the cancer" I agreed wholeheartedly....
    Jacek Zakowicz, Optitek-dot-org,
    Professional Broadcast and Digital Cinema Equipment
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    Indeed, all these problems only concern the groups devoted to Red Komodo…
    Do like me, give up ... It's no longer possible.
    We still have a chance to debate "normally" on Reduser…
    For the Komodo, we find the same phenomenon encountered with the Pocket 4 and 6K. An invasion of geeks polluting everything in their path ...
    On all the other forums concerning Blackmagic, Sony, Canon, Z-cam, Kinefinity… there is still no problem.
    All conversations are done without aggressiveness, without taboos, always in a constructive way ...
    For Red groups, you just have to stop following them ... I think it's the best option.
    Don't worry, you're not alone !! :-)
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    Exact ! social media is a disease… a virus !!
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    Why.On.Earth.Would.Anyone.Discuss.Cameras.On.Faceb ook? Or Instagram?

    If we can go from Me-Me-Me-and-my-camera and Me-Me-Me-and-my-latte-foam to just cameras and latte foam, maybe we'll see each other on a forum someday.

    You know, where common interests bring people together and discussions focus on that, instead of the Mini-Mes trampling over each other to reach the top of their imagined social ladder.

    Leave social media interaction to those constituting the hump on the normal distribution curve, FFS.
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    Senior Member DJ Meyer's Avatar
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    I had no idea people used Facebook groups for camera discussion. Why would they do that? It’s easily the worst social media site.
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