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  1. #1 Support for frame based metadata in RED RAW Footage 
    Hi all,

    since metadata is more important than ever before in nowadays vfx-heavy workflows,
    frame based metadata is also being requested more often by vfx companies.

    With the latest SCRATCH build from yesterday we added support for frame based metadata from RED RAW footage.
    This way, you can get frame based lens information (and other metadata) rendered into OpenEXR sequences.

    VFX-departments can use that information to link to and control the virtual camera inside their compositing software.
    It's a huge timesaver and enables more accurate vfx work.

    If you wanna play around with it, get yourself a free license from our webpage:

    Release notes are to be found here:

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    Assimilate Scratch adds ISO-Gain, WB and Tint controls for ProRes RAW


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