NOTE: Marketplace posts do not show in "New Posts" search results if you are logged in. If you wish to still see marketplace posts returned in these results, simply click "New Posts" a 2nd time, and they will be included.

Please take a moment to review the REDuser Marketplace Guidelines posted below:

ATTN -THE REDUSER MARKETPLACE IS FOR PRIVATE, PERSON-TO-PERSON TRANSACTIONS ONLY. If you are caught (or deemed) to be engaging in business activities beyond this stated purpose (and you are not an official site sponsor), your membership may be revoked without warning.

If you are not interested in an item listed in a thread, please do not post in that thread.

Please look out for each other, but do so in a way that is respectful to the community at large, and mindful of the fact that we do not want the forum to be filled with accusations. If you suspect fraud, please report the thread so that moderators can review or monitor it, rather than posting your suspicions within the thread.

Please avoid excessive bumping of your listings. Bumping should be limited to once per seven days. Exceptions - If there is a genuine change to the listing or price, you may update your thread as often as needed. NOTE - As an example, daily price changes of $5 dollars do NOT meet this exception. If you are seen to be trying to skirt the bumping rule, your access to the REDuser Marketplace may be revoked. If you are answering a post from another user in your thread, you may do so without restriction.

If you have just joined, you may find you cannot create a thread in any of the Marketplace subforums. New users will be placed on a 60-day probation period before they can create new threads in the Marketplace. This means, you are forbidden from selling items before you have been a member for at least sixty days. New members are free to buy and to post in existing threads, but you cannot sell, or create a new thread until the 60 day benchmark is reached.

Thread prefixes are required when creating a thread. Select the appropriate prefix from the dropdown menu next to the title field when creating your thread. For easy, you can click any desired thread prefix and the thread list will be instantly sorted to only return threads with the included prefix. Click the prefix again to return to the default state.

Mark your threads as sold once the product is sold, or if you wish to have your listing made inactive. Doing so will change the prefix to "SOLD", and will automatically lock the thread. You can do so by going to the "Thread Tools" drop down menu near the top of your thread. Please, also post "SOLD" as a new post within your thread, once you have sold your listing. If you make a habit of not marking your threads as sold, we may revoke your marketplace privileges. This creates unnecessary work for the moderators when you have the ability to moderate your own thread simply by marking it as sold. This also helps minimize needless bumps... i.e. "is this still for sale?".

Do your homework. Online transactions carry an inherent risk. It is not for everyone. If you choose to engage in a private transaction with another member of REDuser please be aware that you do so at your own risk. This is a BUYER/SELLER BEWARE environment. Neither,, Landmine Media Inc, Inc, nor any of their subsidiaries shall be held responsible for what takes place in the marketplace. Do your homework. Google is your friend. Search email addresses, phone numbers, shipping addresses, etc. You may also contact the admin directly if you would like for us to check for any possible red flags in the back-end. PLEASE NOTE: Any contribution to your research that the admin may make should be considered unofficial, and is *not* definitive evidence of anything. It is merely information. Replies are not guaranteed, but we will do our best. If we tell you we found a potential red flag, it does not necessarily mean that the buyer/seller in question is a scammer. If we tell you we did not see any red flags, it does not necessarily mean that the buyer/seller is legit. Any information we provide will be in an unofficial capacity, and without guarantee of any kind whatsoever.

eBay links are permitted with the following conditions: You must post a price. No "make an offer" -or- "auction" style listings. Excessive outgoing links to eBay may be viewed as commercial in nature. As a result, you may be removed from the marketplace. Only official site sponsors are allowed to post commercial listings.

As with the eBay links, all items must include a price. Price drops must be made in the bump, and ADDED to the original listing so it is clearly visible. "Price drop" does not count. You must post the *actual* price in the bump and in the original post.

If you post a lot of items for sale, please post multiple items in a single thread. (You must still separate your gear by RED and 3rd party, and post in the appropriate sub-forum) NOTE FOR SPONSORS: If you are an official site sponsor and have been granted commercial privileges in the marketplace, you will maintain a single "vendor" thread that you can use to list and update your inventory. As a sponsor, you may bump once every 24 hours for any reason. If you create a new thread (on a monthly basis, for example), the previous thread must be marked as sold, and closed. This will allow the marketplace to be more organized for everyone. Interested folks can subscribe to a sponsor's vendor thread, sponsors can consolidate their listings in a single place, there will be a lower overall volume of threads in the marketplace, moderators can better police the marketplace, etc, etc. Sponsors are expected to follow forum etiquette and not spam with a ton of posts.

Be skeptical, but be respectful of each other. Don't publicly accuse people. Report the thread. Allow us to take a look at it. We want the users here to have as much information as possible when considering a transaction, but we must also walk the line of not allowing the marketplace to turn into a "bitch fest" where accusations fly freely and dominate the content of this section.

When creating your listing, please let the following format be your guide.


DESCRIPTION - use a few words or lines to describe your item

TERMS - state the terms of your sale, such as:
PAYPAY OR BANK WIRE ONLY. Buyer pays shipping, fees, etc.
Item ships Worldwide or Local Pickup only, etc.

PRICE - state a price, no MAKE AN OFFER or E-bay listings - also EDIT THE ORIGINAL LISTING leaving the Original Price IF YOU BUMP THE PRICE. For example,
150$ lowered
125$ lowered
100$ lowered
75$ SOLD

CONTACT - tell the buyer how you want to be contacted, such as:
Via PM here or email etc.

IMAGES - You can link them from an external site using a URL, or you can upload them as attachments