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    I'm having trouble getting my Komodo to connect to Foolcontrol on my desktop...
    Can anyone instruct me on how to do so? I'll be in a photo studio that should have wifi, or can do ad-hoc

    For a shoot tomorrow I need to be able to monitor the camera on a laptop, so I can free up the single SDI port for my top monitor.

    Thank you for the assistance

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    I'm not sure that the desktop Foolcontrol app has been updated with Komodo support. RED seems to have contracted Mikael to create their RED Control app under the RED branding this go-around for Komodo connections. The RED Control app currently runs on Apple devices, alongside live-streaming.

    Although! All the live-streaming protocols are now hosted locally from the Komodo brain on a local network. You can type in the IP address of the Komodo on a local network via Infrastructure (though Jarred did mention this wifi mode might be a bit buggy in the current firmware) and connect to see it's live stream from your computer's internet browser.

    From the Wifi menu, grab the IP address of your camera. Join the same network as the camera from your computer. Visit the IP address and add ":80" at the end for the web interface for Komodo or add ":9090" at the end for the live view video only (remove the quotes from either of those).

    Testing my Komodo now on my local network and I'm getting it work fine. First time was a little buggy, most likely via Jarred's note on the new firmware. Had to disable Wifi and then go into Infrastructure mode to get it work again. If you're on set and it doesn't seem to be working... just connect your computer to the Ad-Hoc network from Komodo. Range might be very limited from the antenna, but it should still work. The IP address of the camera will be in this mode. So, you'd be connecting to either for the control view or for live stream only.
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    Thanks Antony for the fast reply.
    Correct on foolcontrol (iOS / Android / macOs) not supporting the KOMODO as it simply using a new protocol that is not backward compatible.

    And yes direct camera stream on port 9090 or web interface on port 80 are the recommended way to interact with your camera from a PC / mac.
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    Wow, Amazing thank you!
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    I tried this a few times and couldn't get a live view with direct connection to camera.

    Was trying Ad-hock mode w my Ipad.

    Can get Red control to work great, but couldn't get the live view or web interface to connect at all.
    Kept getting a "can't connect cause your not connected to the internet" error message.

    I'll try again tomorrow
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    Hi Mikael - I was able to connect Foolcontrol to a Komodo (firmware 1.3.1) over the internet - but also noted some features weren't supported - such as lens control. I was able to send focus commands with keyboard shortcuts, but did not see lens feedback in the interface.

    So, I did a build of the demo Qt RCP Controller app (on mac) with RCP v2 API - but was receiving error messages from Komodo in regards to RCP version mismatch. The Komodo was reporting RCP v3 with RCP Param Set 1.0. Is there a forthcoming RCP v3 that will work with Komodo for custom Qt app builds?

    My aim is to have USB jog wheel control of Komdo lens focus over the internet like you demo'd for Foolcontrol. I was able to get Foolcontrol and USB jog dial to work (more or less) but there was no interface feedback for the lens. I assume this is due to the above mentioned Komodo support in Foolcontrol.

    Can you shed some light on what it would take to make a Qt build of RCP Controller compatible with Komodo? Am I missing something? Is Komodo indeed running RCP v3?

    Really loved your Foolcontrol focus features (setting marks, shortcuts for recall, etc). Wondering how to get this going for Komodo.
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