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    So is the cut off day for the discount 60 days from the day of this thread, or when we got the email that we could order?
    (What I'm asking is when the offer ends)
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    Cut off is Dec 13th.

    Order from BS Rep.

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    It's good to see you here again, Ketch.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ketch Rossi View Post
    Time to come back home :)

    And of course congrats Jarred & Team, I have been watching what an awesome job you guys have been doing on this from not far at all... :)
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    Hey Ketch,

    Great to see you on the forum again. I wandered off for a few years while I focused on using my RED arsenal, built a studio and got into xR production. So I didn't catch the development of Komodo until November, when I saw a Storm Trooper in the flesh. Now I'm back at it, ordering AKS and waiting patiently for my Komodos ;) Feels like old times, but with much cooler toys!

    What's exciting about Komodo is that I can finally have the magic of a 6K Red in a small, personal cinema camera that I can toss in a backpack and just pick up and shoot without a bunch of heavy shit to lug around.

    Just connected with the OTHER Mark Pederson again when I ordered my Horseshoe I/O plate from his company, Modern Film Tools.

    Nice to reconnect with the Red family :)

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