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    When originally High Definition was proposed, there was literally a dozens standards, ranging from 720p to 1080i or 1080p or 1080psf at every possible frame rate.
    Fast forward to today, so much better... Oh, no, wait, all of those formats are still around with even more of the weird "social media" formats showing up every day:)
    Just because someone can't be bothered to learn about all those HDR formats and their differences, it doesn't mean they all BS.
    Actually, there are even more HDR formats used today besides the three well known formats already mentioned, one of them being EclairColor and the other Technicolor HDR:)
    When used correctly, all these various HDR formats work as designed...
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    Along with HDR came a new standard for the Rec. 2020, which contains such shades that it was simply impossible to reproduce them on an ordinary TV. Ferrari's signature red is one such example. You may not have paid attention to it, but such intense colors used to look different from reality.
    It's important to emphasize right away that HDR in TVs is a very different thing from HDR in photography. Forget the unnatural contours and acidic palette that sometimes accompany pictures with "twisted" HDR.
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