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    Just to keep the information flowing…

    Ordered Body Only (along with other accessories) via B&H March 03, 2021. It just shipped today (July 30)

    Called July 29 and they said THEY would get it (hopefully) by September 5. Then I got the email the next day.
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    Body only order just arrived. Placed Feb 4th. Hallelujah but damn that was a wait...
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    from B&H
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    B&H just hit my card and the order status changed to "in progress"

    Ordered body only on April 4th
    DSMC2 Dragon-X
    waiting on Komodo...
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    Ordered May 21st from Red, got email for allocation Aug 2nd. They said ship date is estimated at Aug 16 at the latest. Body only
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    Ordered body only from B&H Feb 9th, delivered yesterday 8/4. A note of appreciation for all those at Red and their suppliers who have managed to keep building Komodos despite challenges brought by the pandemic. Not hard to imagine the hard work and long hours put in by some to keep the wheels turning
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    Ordered 2 RED Komodos on 5/14 from Unique Photo based in NJ.
    Both bodies arrived on 8/2.

    Brian Timmons
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