Thread: Mixpre 6, -20 tone always a little to hot in camera.

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  1. #1 Mixpre 6, -20 tone always a little to hot in camera. 
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    Just wondering if anybody have a way to match the tone coming from mixpre into the cameras -20 db.

    Update 1: I just remebered the problem, and why I never got it sorted out. You have to be in the advanced mode in mixpre 6 to unlock the output menu where the stereomix out is. But i prefer the basic mode for most of my work and once you
    jump back from Advanced to Basic, your lowered stereo output is back at the same level you started with (0dB).
    Will be intouch with sound devices to fix this issue.

    Update 2: Thanks to the great support at Sound Devices, I know how to fix it. You can use basic mode + custome and turn on the output menu from the advanced mode.
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    I have noticed this going right back to when I was using a two-channel original MixPre into a SI2K camera-recorder and later, Blackmagic cameras. I wonder if what you get as tone is at traditional unity-gain level but the actual production sound audio signal goes through a limiter before send the camera? The recorded levels always seem to be down. With digital auidio and such clean low noise gear, pulling the sound up later is not the ordeal it used to be. With analogue sound, if all the links in the chain were not at unity gain and noise levels crept up.
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