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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Hooper View Post
    This thread also made me watch the movie, which I enjoyed more than I thought I would, and also looked better than I thought it would after reading this. It did have wildly blown highlights at first, and that diffusion, but seeing as things were more in control later in the harsh mixed lighting, I'm not sure if it was stylistic/on purpose or not. Same with Songbird actually...watched that for similar reasons, looked pretty good overall, some really blown highlights that might have been on purpose with the subject matter and something dreamy in front of the lens sometimes, but overall, solid.

    Curious to see more features with Komodo, as I suspect we'll get as many looks as we had directors and dops. Certainly if it allows Soderbergh to stay light and do what he does with better quality than an iPhone, I'm in. High Flying Bird was one of the best pictures in recent memory, it looked damn good for an iPhone, but I bet it would have been even better on the Komodo.
    It was also shot without R3D since it wasn't implemented yet on the prototype cameras used (or so I remember it was mentioned about the production), so blown highlights could be a factor of no IPP2 roll-off handling of the DR.

    On another note, lots of discussion going on about people not able to get their Komodo so they think they should just wait for a "better" system since companies release cameras with lots of new features faster and faster. But a key point you mention is the run n gun style of Soderbergh. Komodo is obviously not the best camera in terms of image quality, but the size of it balanced against its image quality and functionality really is the biggest (no pun intended) thing about this system. It's actually rather impossible to get smaller than this since batteries and lenses require a certain physical size and still will going forward. Komodo enables you to get the quality of a full s35mm system, while keeping the tech down in size to the point that you enable new types of shoots, new type of shots and new types of stories for less money.

    It's really frustrating that so many can't see the whole package, image quality - functionality - size. There might be small cameras out there, but they always compromise on some area, either big in size but good in image quality and functionality, or small in size with lousy battery time etc. Komodo strikes a balance rarely seen and I'm not sure competitors will be able to beat this since everyone is focusing on very specific selling specs that they know sell cameras. If Komodo had a superb AF, on the same level as Canon and Sony, it would have been a homerun, but the more discussion I see, the more confident I am that this system is a narrative king of a camera.
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    This is an old thread, but I just read the entire thing and I LOVE it. What a fantastic discussion
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christoffer Glans View Post
    ...but the more discussion I see, the more confident I am that this system is a narrative king of a camera.
    100% agree! Perfect balance of IQ, functionality and size. It's just fun to use too. Quick to grab if you want to, while allowing you to rig it out if you need to. The new Blackmagic 6K Pocket Pro with the improved battery system and runtime comes close, although you won't get 16 bit RAW for 2.5K$ obviously. Let alone R3D RAW. Never seen such beautiful colors in that price point (subjective opinion). If you can invest a couple grand more, and understand how to use it, the Komodo really is king at the moment.
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