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    Hey Guys,

    I couldn't find any info on this but my Raven generates R3D and .rtn files. I thought that all RED's create R3D and RMD files.

    "With REDŽ, the original raw capture is stored as an R3DŽ file. The non-destructive recipe is stored as "metadata" in a separate RMD file that shares the same directory and base filename as the raw capture."

    So am I doing something wrong? Why is it creating a .rtn file rather than a .RMD file?

    Found that the .rtn is (RED Thumbnail file).
    And RMD is only created when recording ProRes or making adjustments to the R3D file in RedCineX

    What threw me off was the Raven footage I downloaded from red had only the R3D and RMD file in it that I was comparing it too.
    Another case of “read the manual”.
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